D/s Test III


Umm… CONGRATS!… I guess.

As many who were to participate in this Exam have partaken of other exams, tests, and projects of my devising, many would be privy to my methodology.

Thus, that being said, and while needing to construct a unique plan, I had to make you think that the complex calculations were the centerpiece. You see, meer Q&A for such a thing as multi-dimensional as Psychosexual-Behavioralism would be fruitless —for the sheer number of potential variables which would negate one’s results would be quite insurmountable. So, an actual test cloaked within a phoney test was the most generally accurate idea which was actualized. Hence, the automatic redirection told of on the previous page, which triggered 5 minutes after the popup vanished, actually sent those still of the page over here…

D/s Test 3


(Don’t believe me? Just hit the back button, wait 15 minutes, and see for yourself.)

Do you get it?

Someone leaning Dominant was probably not going to do as they were instructed to do, i.e. they weren’t going to just stare at something because a Woman had told them to… especially not for 15 straight minutes. One, the length of time was to allow for annoyance to set in, as a Dom resists commands. Two, it allowed for Sexual Arousal to subside, for a Dom isn’t going to be excited about obeying, and those on the proverbial fence would lean one way to a greater extent when arousal subsides. Thus, someone ending up at the ‘DOMINANT SIDE’ either fiddled around with something else while the timer ticked down, or they, lacking patience as an aspect of their Dominance, clicked on the hyperlink (“PART III”) to the supposed Results.

You, on the other hand, OBEYED!

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