D/s Test 3


I hope you’re happy… You continue to fool the world!

(just kidding)

As many who were to participate in this Exam have partaken of other exams, tests, and projects of my devising, many would be privy to my methodology.

Thus, that being said, and while needing to construct a unique plan, I had to make you think that the complex calculations were the centerpiece. You see, meer Q&A for such a thing as multi-dimensional as Psychosexual-Behavioralism would be fruitless —for the sheer number of potential variables which would negate one’s results would be quite insurmountable. So, an actual test cloaked within a phoney test was the most generally accurate idea which was actualized.

Hence, you could ONLY end up at this page if you had DISOBEYED the instructions that were imparted onto you! …well, unless you had a black-out while watching the cycling video clip.

Either you jumped the gun in clicking on the Hyperlink that was on the previous page (“PART III”), or you had wandered elsewhere, beat-off via another tab, or were looking out a window at the world supposedly passing you by. For, you see, if you had indeed been observing the previous page for the entirety of the 15 minutes, you would have suddenly found yourself being told to hit a button taking you elsewhere. But that button going elsewhere only showed itself for a sneaky 15 seconds!

If you would had observed & obeyed, then you would have clicked the button and found yourself here instead…

D/s Test III


Don’t believe me? (Well, that furthers the point then, lol.) Just clear your cookies and go back to the previous page. After 10 minutes of staring, you’ll see what I’m talking about!

So much for a submissive you… Too bad.


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