I want you to imagine a world where Men lack incentive, a world where Men don’t have any motivation, a world where Men can’t find a reason to be romantic, to be chivalrous, to be productive towards a pleasurable result. Can you image such a world? The way things are going presently, you won’t have to imagine it; you’d be living in it. Now while that is a scary thought all on its own, the fact that it has been recently going on should be a major issue of concern to anyone who believes that incentives are important for progress.

More and more, men have easy & free access to Sexual Fulfillment. Free Sex is Sexist towards Dominant & Working Women, and takes away from Men’s incentive to work hard and be progressive members of Society. Men need the incentive to be productive & proactive in order to obtain Sexual Gratification. Men are quickly being conditioned towards the expectation of free sex, and this is contrary to an effective social system. All that this is leading towards is a breakdown of that social system. To stand by and to allow this to happen is as passive as the process itself. Hence, the MAKE MEN WORK FOR IT campaign aims to bring both men & women into the progressive understanding that Sex should be Earned, not Offered. Support this cause that has escaped the attention of the people for far too long!

If you agree that Incentives are needed as a Driving force for Progress in Society, then it is time for you to Participate in this Progressive Movement towards restoring those Incentives. Show your Support by Purchasing this Pack which includes Visually Explicit Explanations of the Cause (which goes hand-in-hand with the Point of the Campaign) and has Several Special Tasks for you to do in order to be a Participant in the Effort (including the Materials to get them done). Buying this Support-Pack will your first step in showing your Contribution towards this Campaign!

In order to obtain the Campaign Support Pack, just click on the image below:

In addition to your Active Support of the Campaign via the Pack above, you can & should sign the active Petition in Support of this Cause. You do NOT have to display your name when signing the petition. You can remain anonymous by unchecking the “display my name” box when submitting your support of the Campaign. Also, your email will NOT be displayed either way. Sharing the petition via Social Media is encouraged!

To sign the Petition, click on the animated image below:


  1. Great idea. It amazes me when a woman tells me that she is surprised by an act of chivalry… and yet she deserves it.

  2. Lovely ideals. Been sang for years. Women bust their fannies in a guys world. I live seeing women move up the corporate ladder of just plain be more appreciation. It should be a Womans world

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