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Female Cuckolding  


Therapist Summers
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24/09/2018 5:22 pm  

While MMF Cuckolding (concerning Male Cuckolds) is recently dominating the Fetish World, Female Cuckolds have been quite invisible in the realm of Cuckoldry. While not as popular, or at least not as seen, Cuckolding in the sense of being cuckolded is a Fetish for a number of women. To make this clear, I am NOT speaking of Cuckoldresses (the dominant or objectified women in a relationship where the MAN is being Cuckolded). Rather, I am speaking of WOMEN who enjoy the act of being Cuckolded. While not exclusive, I like to refer to this as FFM Cuckolding, as it often involves the Cuckolded Woman (who has the Fetish in question), her Male significant other, and the other Women who acts as the Cucker. Just as with conventional MMF Cuckolding often involving a Hypersexual Cucker who has a huge cock and plenty of strength & stamina, the Woman Cucker in FFM Cuckolding is often of an Eroticized form with large tits and a sexuality comparable to Nymphomania. 

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Sissy Sophia
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01/01/2019 9:55 pm  

It's nice you wrote about the Cuckquean phenomenon.

On the levels of mind, a man getting cuckolded is more on a level of relishing control and it is heightened by the risk and scare of his partner getting emotionally involved with others. Size, stamina and sperm competition can be quantified, determinant and objective. However, the relinquishment of control, risk and scare are subjective and open ended. I believe you agree with me.

However, I will now start thinking about the cuckqueaning and the objective and subjective aspect of it. This is something which should be written about so that more woman experience this fetish and it does not get labelled a male exclusive fetish.

Parting thoughts for this post. With male cuckolding, the social aspect is that men are supposed/expected to be the provider, powerful and in control. However, with women in our current social structure, the expectation is different, it would be interesting when we will think about this and engage in this discussion for a fruitful confusion (Intended mistake). I believe cuckqueaning will have more trajectories as it will be defined by various sphere of supposed expectation linked to them in this world. Historically and precedentedly, this fetish is like something which was never given to woman under patriarch, men kept it themselves. Later, like sexuality, women explored it and found the enigma and mysticism of their sexuality.  As an fetish intellect, its our responsibility to explore this on a more brainy level. 

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