Aid to Losers


...'No', the title isn't a typo of 'The Pathetic Truth.'

The perfect Place for you to Prove whether or not you're as Pathetic as you Desire to be!

People talk, talk, talk about being Losers (...wimps, sissies, pussies, lamers, so-on & so-forth) —speaking of those partaking of the receiving-end within the Lame Land of Lustful Laughter, that is. As the old saying goes, and as I have repeated regarding other Fetishistic-Favorites, 'Talk is cheap', and in the here & now, it is time to PROVE it. Instead of coughing up further wanton what-if's, arousing assumptions, or fetish-driven fibs, this is the moment for you to PUT-UP or SHUT-UP.

It is easy for someone to say they were born for surfing and that they are on-par with the best of the best... from beneath an umbrella on the dry sands of the beach. But it is quite another thing for someone who grabs their board, runs out into the incoming Californian tide; heading back to the beach atop the foaming crest of a 20' wave!

Truly, this was a proper comparison pertaining to those shouting their statements of Erotic-Indulgence from the rooftop. To those I say, Stop your shouting and let's see some splashing per-se. Either a Psychosexual Fetishism is for you or it's not, as there is nothing for everyone, and so it is best to know; knowledge of one's Sexual-Makeup being the cornerstone of one's Psychophysical-Enjoyment (i.e. 'Know who you are').

Cover image for Therapist Summers Erotically Humiliating PTV, the Pathetic Proof

The Pathetic Proof™ is a multipart interactive Pay-to-View project, available for purchase through the trusted Niteflirt payment system, and is hosted in-full here at the S.S.I. You may click on the PTV's Cover-Image at any time for further information and to obtain it for immediate accessibility.

Consisting of Q&A forms, specialized paths, and interactive portions involving tasks, this Psychosexual Production of the SSI is applicable & available to both the Hermit-to-Humiliation and Humiliated-with-Honors (so-to-speak) alike. 

(Please note that this Product requires that you have both Javascript & Cookies enabled on your browser. You can check that you meet these requirements via our free device compatibility tester found HERE. Also, while not required, it is recommended that you use a device which has a camera/webcam; though no identifiable photos will be required.)