Aid to Losers

The Sexual Fetish Assistance Program is a means tested, need based program. The following application will be useful in the determination of your treatment, individual needs, and your payment options. As it is a goal of the SSI (inherently being a Matriarchy at its inception) to assure that all males are useful in some manner, it is vital to access your sexual nature, and determine that that you meet the financial guidelines. See more now

The Pathetic Proof

Cover image for Therapist Summers' Erotically Humiliating PTV, the Pathetic Proof

People talk, talk, talk about being Losers (…wimps, sissies, pussies, lamers, so-on & so-forth) —speaking of those partaking of the receiving-end within the Lame Land of Lustful Laughter, that is. As the old saying goes, and as I have repeated regarding other Fetishistic-Favorites, TALK IS CHEAP, and in the here & now, it is time to PROVE it. Instead of coughing up further wanton what-ifs, arousing assumptions, or fetish-driven fibs, this is the moment for you to PUT-UP or SHUT-UP. See more now