FemDom Gynocracy - Female Led Society

We hear about Aristocracy, Plutocracy, Theocracy and even Technocracy, but what of the Gynocracy?

FemDom World Rule - Female RuleDEFINING A GYNOCRACY

Gynocracy is the form of rule with women as the head of society (Gyno being of Women and -cracy being rule); not to be confused with a Femocracy. A Gynocracy is not merely a nation being led by a woman. For example, Germany is not a Gynocracy under Angela Merkel. Rather, a Gynocracy is an entire system of leadership centered around women as heads of state. So if the United States, for example, were a Gynocracy, the entire Senate and the whole house of Representatives would be made up of nothing but women, as well as the Presidency & Supreme Court. For the most part, in a Gynocracy, all of the lawmakers & decision-makers of a country would be women. A Female led society could be on any level, whether it be global or merely local. There have been matriarchal societies throughout history, but very few which be called a true Gynocracy, if any. In general, a Gynocracy is a socio-political theory due to this lack of use, but with the growth of Feminism, Female led sexuality, and other evolving factors, is a Gynocracy looming in a not so distant future?


Feminist FemDom FetishJust as in Socialism you have the Radical form (Marxist-Leninist) as well as a Moderate (Democratic Socialism), a society ruled by women could come in different forms. It could come as a Revolutionary form which is authoritarian in nature, ripping all rights from men, rendering them into second class citizens or lower, ruling with an pink iron fist. Conversely a Gynocractic State could come in a democratic and transitional form, with men voluntarily putting women above themselves and willingly allowing themselves to be kept out of government & decisions. Or, as with many forms of government, it could be something in the middle, with men de facto being banned from positions of power, yet being allowed to elect which women rule over them.

FemDom Police WomanNow to what extent a Gynocracy would have rule over society is also a matter of debate. Despite the nobility having ultimate power in an Authoritarian Aristocracy, you don’t have noblemen & noblewomen as the police force of the state. Would there be no such thing as policemen in a society ruled by women? Would only policewomen exist to enforce the laws of Female Domination as a means of keeping men in their proper place in society? Or would men loyal to the female heads of government maintain the status quo for them? This is but one series of questions concerning how a Gynocracy would be structured and how it would operate.

Submissive Alpha Males to FemDommesSEX & SOCIETY IN A GYNOCRACY

In a Theocracy the sexuality of society is de jure governed by the religious laws of the state. So it would be safe to assume that in a female dominant society, sexuality would female dominated. We are talking about government-sanctioned FemDom; laws requiring the acts in the bedroom to be dominated by the woman. The Female Domination would likely seep into public life, whether legally required or not. A Gynocracy, as with any government, would impact the organization, actions and views of society at large. Traditions would change, culture would be modified, and what is considered proper in public perception would be aligned with the direction of the Female Dominated society.

The societal impact of a Gynocracy could be as subtle as men merely nodding their heads with respect to the women they pass. Or it could be as blatant as an authoritarian-theocratic dress code; with all men in gimp suits being led around on leashes by women. If a Gynocracy were in place, the latter is not as laughable at it may seem at first glance, especially if it took on a radical authoritarian form. Just as laymen were virtual pawns & playthings to certain aristocracies, men could be likened onto jesters & slaves to the women of a Gynocracy.

Gynocracy - Female Dominated SocietyWomen would have privileges in society to one extent or another. Depending on the specifics of the Gynocracy, ALL positions of power, including those of private industry would be solely open to women; men being the worker bees of every hierarchical hive. Though it may seem contrary, men may not have the right to drive in such a society. But, on the other hand, men could be the only ones who drive, being likened onto a whole population of chauffeurs for women. Just as polygamy is common in patriarchal societies, it is entirely possible, if not probable, that polyandry (women taking on more than one husband) would be legal or sanctioned in a Gynocracy.


Female Led Relationship - FemDom SocietyWhat would the role of men be in a Female Dominated Society? It is safe to assume that men would have an inferior role in such a society; being lower on the totem pole of authority and being below women on the hierarchy of power. But exactly how men would be treated, what rights they would have (if any), and what role they would play in day-to-day life depends on what form this manner of rule would take. A strict authoritarian Gynocracy could have men literally as slaves to women, forcefully being made to do all the labor needed to maintain the state. A certain class or type of men could be used solely for breeding purposes similar to the treatment of men by the ancient Amazon society of warrior women. In a more moderate form of Female Rule, men could be seen as a lower class or working class; having employment mobility in any field outside of governance. Then we have the middle road where, as noted earlier, all male employees have female bosses or supervisors, regardless of the industry.

Men could become objectified, just as often as women are & were male dominated societies. Men with large cocks could be regulated to being Male Prostitutes, Strippers, and the like. Other men could be used as playthings for women, no matter what that form may take. Mistresses may have no restrictions on how they treat men, so degradation and public humiliation may become commonplace. Just as a person’s loyalty to the state in certain regimes could determine the person’s level of freedom, a man’s level of submissiveness could gauge how he is treated in a Gynocracy and what allowances he may have.

Then there are deeper questions concerning the situation of gender in a Gynocracy… What role would Transgender Women (a Trans-Woman) play in such a society? Would they receive all the benefits of those born female, or would there be a committee to make a determination on a case by case basis? If the former, what’s to say that men who previously had no desire to transform would not purposely become transgender merely for personal gain; having no internal desire for the system? This often happens in Theocracies and it is safe to say that it would occur in a Gynocracy to one degree or another. Could this hurt those who are sincere Transgenders just as converts in a Theocracy were looked upon with suspicion? It is difficult to say and would depend on the strictness and form of the society.


Generally being governance based on gender, a Gynocracy can be paired with other forms of rule, as noted earlier. It can be anything from an Aristocracy to a Bureaucracy. Thus it may simultaneously be a Theocracy (rule through religious law). While it COULD be that of a present religion, most likely it would be something new; a religion founded on the superiority of women; a faith of an omniscient Goddess or the like. A rebirth of the worship of Aphrodite, Diana, Athena, and Hera, but as a combined monotheistic belief system where all of the Goddesses are one, similar to what is found in Hinduism.

The resulting belief system could be one that is intolerant of other beliefs, manifesting a crusade against patriarchal beliefs. Would we see shrines and temples onto Goddesses and powerful women in every town and city? Or would it be likened onto a secret society, as in esoteric; disqualifying men to the practices of the faith, being deemed impure. Such a religious undercurrent of a Gynocracy could help solidify its own system, most specifically if the men under the Gynocratic rule were ardent believers in the matriarchal religion & spirituality. The very treatment of men as inferior and subservient onto women, might dot the pages of the faith’s holy books, further verifying the existence and continuation of the Gynocracy.

Faiths holding the supremacy of a Feminine Divine have existed for entire peoples and for individual societies before, such as the Vestal Virgins of Rome. These faiths gave a social importance to women over men. Who is to say this will not occur again? Actually, it is inevitable that it will.


It is commonplace for new regimes and new governments to use indoctrination to one extent or another. They may use propaganda, the media, public figures, reeducation classes, and the like, in order to coax their message into the public consciousness. It would be expected that a Gynocratic State would use such methods, even if it just be during its infancy. Idealistic mantras & images, oaths of allegiance, and symbolism. These could be seen throughout public places or government facilities. They may even be seen in homes; virtual shrines to the Gynocratic State and its leaders.

It may go further than visual propaganda; with state run schools, made to reeducate the masses. These could be mandatory state-run schools made to indoctrinate its citizens in its values and ideals. It could otherwise be more subtle, just with pro-Gynocratic articles in the newspapers. The degree to which the propaganda and indoctrination would go are as varies as the makeup of a Gynocracy itself.

The SSI Gynocracy Suitability Evaluation & Examination

So the question is, how would YOU fare in a Gynocracy, and how would men see a Gynocracy as being structured? Just as certain people would fare better in a Stratocracy (rule by military service) than others, some men would be better adapted for a society ruled by women than others. The question of how you as an individual might fare depends on a host of factors, ranging from your behaviors to your personal beliefs, and from your stance towards women to the specifics of your physique. For obvious reasons a loner who values privacy going to excel in a Netocracy (rule by social connections). Let us see how well you would do in a Gynocracy. Would you fit right in, or would you be immediately branded an enemy of the state?

I have constructed an evaluation which has two purposes. 1) To evaluate how well suited you are for a Gynocratic Society on an individual basis and 2) to examine how you personally think a Gynocracy would look like. For the former, you will receive immediate results upon completion of the evaluation. For the latter, the answers from all participants will be pooled and released here once enough data have been received.

This thorough examination is made up of 100 questions, ranging from sexual to behavioral and from the psychological to the hypothetical. The host of questions include over 20 visual based questions with examples and explicit images. Having a two-fold purpose, around half of the questions are to test your suitability in a Gynocracy while the others examine your personal views of how a Gynocratic State would work.

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