You didn’t crash during the Crash Course!

Well, you had either hit the button without willful intent during your frantic scurrying, started assaulting your device and just wound up here, or you are good at this ‘game’ per-se. By whichever of the three, or some combination in between, got you here, Congratulations!

And for finding yourself here, you have a gift to claim as your earned gain; something I doubt you’ll ever hear again about your side of things in the world of Blackmail (unless involved in a “Constructive Blackmail Contract”).

Below is your Certificate of Recognition for your completion. But it is more than just a keepsake for your Ego. You can download it to your device if you click on it to bring up the certificate image file. If you put your name on it, you can present it to me as an express ticket of sorts if you decide to partake of one of the regular Erotic Blackmailing Contracts.

If you go that route in the future, and you present the certificate with you name upon it, we will forgo some of the factors which cause contract initiation to be delayed (such as with the separate prerequisite P.A.D.D.E.D. contract & declaration).


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