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Perversion is sexual behaviors or desires that are considered abnormal or socially unacceptable. While what is abnormal is extremely relative, things that are deemed unacceptable in society are pretty clear cut in the industrialized world. And it is this portion of the definition of a pervert that we put our focus on. But to further focus that lens on what we here deem a Perv or Pervert, we don’t look at the things that are universally immoral, but rather those things which are a perversion of the sexual norms (puns quite intended!). So, for example, while watching a lady undress in porn wouldn’t be seen as perverted, watching your neighbor undress sure would be. Another would be that folding your girlfriend’s panties isn’t a perverted act in or of itself, but rubbing them on your penis before putting them away would be. It is these areas of divergence from usual behaviors as well as others that we look at for the Perversion Spectrum.

If you have seen the TV Series “The Good Place“, you know the premise of points (both positive or negative) being assigned to actions in your life (i.e. for Good & Bad acts) which add up at the end to your placement in the hereafter. In a similar fashion we score your level of perversion on a series of points (a.k.a. PERV POINTS™).

The Perv Points Calculator

Now that you have an idea of what PERV POINTS are, how do you know how many you have? The answer is the special PERV POINTS CALCULATOR only found here at the SSI.

This Evaluation covers multiple aspects of your sexuality in the form of 35 questions about your sexual thoughts and behaviors. Via these questions, your points will be automatically tallied and an explanation of your results will be available.

Click on the image below in order to purchase access to this Psycho-Sexual evaluation for only $1.99 and then enter the obtained password in the field further down this page.

Pervert Test - Adult Quiz


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