Self Cum Eating

While the sexual act of Cum-Consumption (a.k.a. “Cum Eating”) by someone-else (e.g. the Female Porn-Actress swallowing Men’s proverbial messes) is pretty popular throughout the Pornographic Scene, the Psychosexual Fetishism known as Self Cum-Eating is actually also quite a popular theme (or sub-Fetish) within many Sexualities. This is the sexual act with the Twist of where the person who ejaculates and the person who consumes the ejaculate are one & the same. See more now

Fetish Fails #1

For those with a proclivity towards the Sexual Fetish of Financial Domination, they may assume that Fin-Con stands for a Financial Con, as in a Financial Con-Artist. Well, that would be an erroneous assumption. Today, the ‘Con’ in Fin-Con stands for “Consolidation”; yes, Financial Consolidation, as in one NOT shelling out their portfolio for pleasure. See more now