Blackmail Worth

Blackmail Worth

What’s your Worthiness for Erotic Blackmail?

What is your Blackmail Worth - Erotic Blackmail Calculator

While usually being something which goes unrealized by the participant in Erotic Blackmail, the Blackmailing actions done by a Blackmail-Mistress (or Master) can often involve a lot of work. Here we’re not talking about so-called Vanilla Blackmail in which an Erotic Blackmail lover shoves some info into a Blackmail Provider’s arms and asks for them to dangle the willingly disclosed tidbits in front of their face in a fantasy-based manner. No, no, no. Rather I’m talking about a more Hardcore sort of Erotic Blackmail. It is actually something that, when done right, where the Blackmail lover is left begging & whimpering (either for more, or for less), entails a good deal of time & effort on the part of the Erotic Provider.

Social Media Orgy - Erotic Blackmail Worth

Such a Blackmail Service, simply put, where the participant merely hands over a few pieces of information and lets the Service Providing FemDomme do the rest, involves far more than just weaving a roleplay. It can include…

  • Researching the person’s Social Media names, exploring accounts which have connections to them, and reviewing conversations made between the connected people.
  • Doing a Public Records Search for any Real Estate, Properties, or Businesses owned by the individual or those associated with the Blackmail Participant.
  • Using Criminal Background Check services in order to discover any past events which the individual would not want to be dug back up.
  • Flipping through Internet Archives to find any noteworthy bits of information concerning the Wanna-be-Blackmailed person.

NOTE: The above list of examples is purposely quite crude, broad, as well as bland; as a Blackmailing Mistress doesn’t want to reveal the inner workings of the Trade (i.e. they truly are Trade-Secrets).

Blackmail WorthinessThe point being made is that A LOT more can go into Erotic Blackmail than most would assume, and hence there is a need for the Erotic-Blackmailer (the Blackmailing Domina) to calculate, per se, the Worthiness of the Potential Participant. In other words, the Mistress (or Master) who provides a hardcore Blackmail-based form of Adult Entertainment wants to quite quickly figure out how much TIME, EFFORT, and, at times, MONEY should go into the Prospect; for such a person is, in fact, a Prospect.

An OVER-CALCULATED person can spell disappointment for both parties, an UNDER-CALCULATED prospect can equal quite the missed opportunity, again, for BOTH parties. As this is a balance which affects both the Domme as well as the one Desiring the Blackmail, the SSI has constructed a BLACKMAIL WORTH CALCULATOR.

While this calculator values “similar” items which are evaluated by Blackmail Providers here at the SSI, it is not the “exact” system used by them, for reasons stated earlier. This ‘Evaluator‘ of sorts can be used by a Potential Blackmail Participant in two, almost opposite, ways. One, it may be used as a means of seeing how extreme Participating in Erotic Blackmail might go! Two, it could be used by someone, whether they’re interested in Blackmail or not, in order to see just how worried they should be about crossing paths with a shady Blackmailing Fin-Domme…

The Blackmail-Worth Project designed by the SSI includes 20 main questions, in addition to 20 more conditional questions which you may or may not see based on other answers given. These questions touch on more than just your Financial Portfolio, though it does play a role in determining your Value to a Blackmail Mistress; the two Fetishes of Erotic Blackmail and Financial Domination often found overlapping, though not always. Once you’ve answered all necessary questions pertaining to your Public & Private life, your results will immediately be displayed on an Eroticized Graph, the graph itself having 11 Degrees of Worth, from WORTHLESS to WORTHWHILE.

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Blackmail Worth

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