The Pathetic Proof

Cover image for Therapist Summers' Erotically Humiliating PTV, the Pathetic Proof

People talk, talk, talk about being Losers (…wimps, sissies, pussies, lamers, so-on & so-forth) —speaking of those partaking of the receiving-end within the Lame Land of Lustful Laughter, that is. As the old saying goes, and as I have repeated regarding other Fetishistic-Favorites, TALK IS CHEAP, and in the here & now, it is time to PROVE it. Instead of coughing up further wanton what-ifs, arousing assumptions, or fetish-driven fibs, this is the moment for you to PUT-UP or SHUT-UP. See more now

Self Cum Eating

While the sexual act of Cum-Consumption (a.k.a. “Cum Eating”) by someone-else (e.g. the Female Porn-Actress swallowing Men’s proverbial messes) is pretty popular throughout the Pornographic Scene, the Psychosexual Fetishism known as Self Cum-Eating is actually also quite a popular theme (or sub-Fetish) within many Sexualities. This is the sexual act with the Twist of where the person who ejaculates and the person who consumes the ejaculate are one & the same. See more now