Sadomasochistic Indicator

Sadistic/Masochistic Indicator

Are you a Sexual Sadist or a Sexual Masochist?

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Porn Addiction Exam

Porn Addiction Exam

The SSI’s Porn Addiction Exam

Are you out of Control?

With the proliferation of pornography across the world wide web, and with porn being easier to access than water, the number … See more now

Ruination Examination

The SSI Ruination Examination

This page contains the Erotic Examination concerning Ruination. For the separate page on the Ruination Fetish, … See more now

Piety to Debauchery


The Scale of Your Sexual Deviance

While the term “Piety” often has a Religious association, this Psycho-Sexual Evaluation from the S.S.I. is not of a … See more now

Cum at the Center

Seminal Sacrifice and Cum Consumption

The Conscious (and Unconscious) Centralization of Cum in Ancient (and Modern) Civilization.

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