Prude Gay Pride

Gay Pride Flag Lips - Erotic

At one time or another I’m sure that you’ve seen the so-called Rainbow-Flag of Gay-Pride. But more likely than not, even if you personally show your support of Gay Pride via a Flag in your window or a Sticker on your car, you are using a flag which differs from the original which was first seen in 1978. Yes, just as with many flags, the Rainbow Flag has changed over the years. See more now

The Pathetic Proof

Cover image for Therapist Summers' Erotically Humiliating PTV, the Pathetic Proof

People talk, talk, talk about being Losers (…wimps, sissies, pussies, lamers, so-on & so-forth) —speaking of those partaking of the receiving-end within the Lame Land of Lustful Laughter, that is. As the old saying goes, and as I have repeated regarding other Fetishistic-Favorites, TALK IS CHEAP, and in the here & now, it is time to PROVE it. Instead of coughing up further wanton what-ifs, arousing assumptions, or fetish-driven fibs, this is the moment for you to PUT-UP or SHUT-UP. See more now