Just as Neurologists and Psychologists had to take a step back and view things from afar after failing to explain the Mind when erroneously viewing the Psyche as if it were a Computer, I had to look at Sexuality as being a Shadow of the Mind (to borrow the phrase from Dr. R. Penrose) before trying to show it. So, as it has been found that the Mind does not work like a Laptop, but rather is likened unto the World-Wide-Web of the Internet, I looked at the Fetishes from that same perspective. And… WAH-LAH! There it was. See more now

2013 Results

In the beginning of September 2013 the Samantha Summers Institute put together an 110 question Sexology Survey. This study was publicly released via Niteflirt® on the 27th of that month. In January of 2014, Lady Summers decided that enough data had been collected (i.e. a sufficient number of participants completed the survey) for a preliminary public release of the collective findings… See more now