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Do your Fetishes suffer a Disconnect?

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Sexuality is meant to be enjoyed. Our brains & bodies are wired to have sexual pleasure in multiple ways and in many forms. It can be enjoyed whether or not they are sexual norms. Despite being made to be enjoyed, sexuality often gets bogged down & diminished in personal confusion or misunderstandings. We can often find ourselves conflicted about our sexual desires or our individual fetishes.

But often it is more about how out sexuality interacts with the world around us which is the cause of the diminished returns.

  • How we view our fetishes in relation to our beliefs
  • How we see our sexuality in relation to our friends
  • How we view our fetishes in relation to our sex partners
  • How we see our sexuality in relation to our society at large

The Psycho-Sexual connections to the world around us can often be disconnected. It can be a willful disconnect or one that is completely undesired. Either way, a Sexual Disconnect can often lead to frustration, depression, anger and other negative side effects. If you are conflicted about your sexuality in the first place, a sexual disconnect can widen the rift. These rifts can have negative repercussions in your mood, your actions, and your life in general.

When it comes to a Sexual Disconnect, the first thing is to discover if you have one, and to what extent it is if you do.

The following 40 question examination is made just for this purpose; to see whether or not you have a Sexual Disconnect. It will evaluate 4 different forms of disconnect; those being General, Relationship, Societal, as well as Spiritual. Each section will be scored separately and automatically.

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Sexual Disconnect Exam

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