Know Your Masturbation - Problem or Pleasure

MASTURBATION: erotic stimulation especially of one’s own genital organs commonly resulting in orgasm and achieved by manual or other bodily contact exclusive of sexual intercourse, by instrumental manipulation, occasionally by sexual fantasies, or by various combinations of these agencies.

Early Masturbation Art - Greek Masturbation Mythology

Masturbation, it’s as old as Mankind itself. From prehistoric cave paintings showing a man beating his meat, to the Sumerians saying that rivers were created by a god wanking off onto the Earth, masturbation has been a part of Human History. While it has been publicly ridiculed, stifled, and even banned at points throughout history, it has always been there. It’s one of those sexual things that transcends ALL boundaries and differences. It will always be a part of the human experience, even if it be trying to prevent it.

Indian Masturbation - History of Masturbation

Everyone notices the couple in Tantric embrace in the center. Few notice the man & woman on either side MASTURBATING.

Interested in the History of Sex? See more at the SSI’s Special “Hand Humper’s Guide to History“:

We could debate all day long on the simple black & white of whether or not masturbation is healthy or harmful, but when it boils down to it, masturbation should be something that is partaken in moderation, just as with anything that’s enjoyable. Now what constitutes too much or not enough is a fine line and is something that heavily depends on the individual and their circumstances. It’s like calories; what’s too much for one person is not enough for another.

Men were made to masturbate. It is as simple as that. Man has opposable thumbs for a reason after all! Right? Evolution doesn’t know you have tools, but it knows you have a penis. ;-)

But understanding your Masturbation is as important as knowing your orientation, as both are cornerstones to your Sexuality. On this page, you will find tools that are designed to help you achieve that self-understanding and self-awareness of your Masturbatory Nature. You will find questionnaires and evaluations.

As with all aspects of Sexuality, it is about reaching a balance, and let’s find the proper equilibrium for your Masturbation.


Realize your Masturbatory Habits

In this diverse series of Question & Answer, you will be asked many sorts of questions concerning your past and present Masturbation Habits and even some what if’s. Some of the questions may be embarrassing, but honesty is mandatory in order for you to realize your Self-Love Sexuality and so that Therapist Summers may understand your Masturbatory individuality. This Q&A consists of 50 Main Questions ranging from the simple to those that are situational. Also included are 16 Extra Questions that may or may not be seen, as they are dependent on certain answers…. no need to go further in depth into an issue you say you don’t do, but definitely needed if you say that you do. So, don’t be shy and open up your Masturbation-Manners to Therapist Summers.

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Is your Masturbation a Pleasure or a Problem? 

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