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Humiliating Assessments & Evaluations

The Original Loser Application:

Do you think you may be a Lusty Loser, that you are probably a whore for Humiliation, a deep desire for dehumanization dwells within you? Well, it’s time for you to Acknowledge what lives inside. Do so by finishing the 2 Level Process herein. First, complete the 15 Part Loser-Application Form. Next, view your automatically calculated analysis thereof. Come & see what you shall discover!

Obtain this original Loser Application for only $5.99 by clicking on the image below:

Are you a Player or a Payer?

In this 2nd Loser Application, you will be Evaluated as to whether you are a PLAYER or a PAYER. This special and unique assessment will test you using 20 questions and a specially designed calculation system which will determine your location on the Player-Payer Humiliation Sexual Spectrum.

So let’s see if you are a Player or a Payer

Obtain the 2nd S.S.I. Loser Assessment for only $5.99 by clicking on the image below:

After Purchasing, the Test can be accessed below on this page.

Once you have obtained the pass code after making the above purchase, you may enter it below:

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