CD Tiffani

Participant in the Backwards Blackmail Game found here




$20.00 of $260.00 Received this round.


$10 of $15 for Removal

$10 of $15 for Removal

$0 of $15 for Removal

$0 of $15 for Removal


(100 Words)

$2.00 per Word for Removal

This is Kevin Harris of Dayton, Ohio. He is a Crossdressing Exposure Whore, as you can tell. In addition to exposure, Kevin is also a Whore for COCK. Kevin loves to transform into Tiffani and ready herself to get down on her knees and suck every drop of cum at whatever cock comes her way.

You can also see him at

Kevin wants the world to know what a whore he is! To make it easier, here is his contact info below:

Tiffani’s phone number is 513-348-1480

And you can email her at

And her SSI Forum Profile:

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  1. Exposed :p. So much info. At least you’re cute haha :) you should probably pay up. But honestly. It’s likely already too late. It’s out there now.

  2. sissy is a real cutie, wonderful exposure

  3. I believe Tiffani realizes that once you are on this page you are exposed for life… I see that you tried exposing yourself on tumblr [xposedtiffani] and then deactivated your profile in August 2018. However look at the below link and you will know that you are exposed for life
    Now imagine these pics coupled with your personal information you shared on this page… It will not take more time for people to connect these two and the exposure will escalate…
    But…. I think that is what you are looking and craving for… So good luck for your life… I wish you luck and if that is what you desire then I congratulate you, you are on the right path.
    However, for your own good, start PAYING up to the great Therapist or the only therapy you will get is humiliation. The only medicine you will swallow is cum. The only injection you will get is a cock injection. Better start PAYING up… and believe me with each dollar you pay the risk reduces but your mind will forever be engraved with desires of exposure! And ultimately that is what you want and that is the therapy you get by PAYING the great therapist.

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