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This is Dale and he is a closet SISSY FAGGOT. No one, other than myself (and now you), knows of his PERSISTENT desires to dress up, makeup, and bounce up & down on his host of dildos. He pretends to be a man's man while at work at the Timber Mill, but while home alone he transforms into the Sexy Sissy he so strongly wants to be. The closeted nature of his lifestyle isn't healthy and it is time for him to come out as the Gay Sissy that he is. I understand his fears of coming out, but being in the closet only stems the happiness he would have if he would be able to BE HIMSELF.

NOTE: This round of Backwards Blackmail for "Darko" is a custom continuation of the Halloween Edition which is presently not available. Do not take this round as an indication of how yours would play out.

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  1. Why not just buy a few dildos or just give in and find a few guys

  2. I’d like to know where this free hole can meet in portland

  3. I couldn’t do a banana, too afraid it would break off, but I have jerked off using an old banana

  4. Holy crap! Is that a Banana up his ass ???

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