Participant in the Backwards Blackmail Game found here



*Note: This round of Backwards Blackmail is a customized version and sound not be seen as how other rounds would be played.


ROUND END DATE: February 11th, 2019


Below photo will be unblurred if participant fails to obey the rules found below.

$0 of $20 for Removal


  • Participant must not spend more than $100 per week on people other than the provider.
  • Participant must show the provider their expenses on Niteflirt every Monday by 11pm EST.
  • Participant must check in with the provider at least once per day without fail; no excuses.
  • Participant must not have an ejaculation without expressed permission from the provider.
  • When permission is given, participant has 15 minutes to cum or permission is revoked.
  • Participant must send the provider at least one embarrassing photo every 48 hours.
  • All of the above rules must be kept until the end of the Round Date.


  • For every rule that is violated by the participant the provider will post a photo of the participant onto this page and caption the photo with a piece of personal information.
  • Each photo that is posted may only be removed by the failure fee of $20.00 per photo.
  • A rule can be violated more than once and every violation will result in a separate photo addition.
  • This page may or may not be advertised on Social Media and other sites before or after photos are added.
  • Provider is not responsible for third-parties reposting photos posted on this page or used as advertisements.
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