mr turtle

Participant in the Backwards Blackmail Game found here



Note: This Round is Specialized. Do not expect your Game to play in this fashion.

TOTAL SPENT: $2,120.00

$380.00 of $960.00 Received for round

Cum Eating Videos Received: 2 0f 12



Removal Rules

In addition to the $10 removal fee per image, the participant will need to supply 12 individual Fetish-Focused videos which must ALL be posted below for a minimum of 72 hours prior to ANY removals.

Proof Videos:


$2 per word

Would Michele Powell be embarrassed if her best friend Susan Carlson or her other friends Diane Soulakis, or Jana Soulakis, or Marci Orr saw her husband Andrew Powell’s little penis in panties? And what would Michele’s younger friends, Anna Orr, Sierra Soulakis, or Megan Soulakis think?

Andrew Powell does not mind the taste of cum. No, no, no. Rather he LOVES it and when he isn’t eating his own cum, he’s licking pools of cum off of Jackson Huff’s cum soaked sheets. Little does his wife Michele Powell know about his long cum eating past… his past of eating cum right out of his ex-wife’s Barbara’s pussy.

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  1. What a sissy all he’s missing is a cock in his mouth!

  2. Does this guy ever eat anyone else’s cum…?

  3. Having to explain where $$$ this week went too and after having paid $$ from earlier to take down pictures on my RBB page would be really bad if the blocking started now…but I’m encouraged by the what about it? damn you made me so hard with that one….time to lock me out with unknown bliss keeping me on my toes…for how long….only kitty would know…but what a rub from the bitchy little kitty that has my penis twitching away with nervous Thank you for all the fun…!

  4. Glad to see you made Andrew clean up his mess correctly! LOL, he really likes his cum…

  5. We need to see Andrew actually clean up his mess!!! What a pathetic loser how hard is it too show everyone you really want cum in your mouth! Maybe if you showed you would swallow cum someone would take pity on you and squirt a load down your throat! LOSER!

  6. Wow, I’m on google now, didn’t really think that would happen. Will pay off asap and hope you will be online to receive my payment and take down this post. Thanks for not putting my email or such out there because I’m sure I would be getting plenty of men wanting to “Fill” in for me! Thanks for being nice on that account!

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