Ontario sissy

Participant in the Backwards Blackmail Game found here https://samanthasummersinstitute.org/ssi-extras/backwards-blackmail/



TOTAL SPENT: $274.00

$274.00 of $290.00 Received this round.




(230 Words)

$1.00 per Word for Removal

****** ****** *** ** ****** ***** ** ***, *** ** ***** ****** ***. ****** ****** *** ** ****** ***** ** ***. ** *** ********* ** *********.

****** ****** *** ** ****** ***** ** ***, *** ** ***** ****** ***. ****** ****** *** ** ****** ***** ** ***, *** ** ***** ****** ***. ****** ****** *** ** ******.

****** ****** *** ** ****** ***** ** ***, *** ** ***** ****** ***. ****** ****** *** ** ****** ***** ** ***, *** ** ***** ****** ***. ****** ****** *** ** ****** ***** ** ***, *** ** ***** ****** ***.

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  1. Hello switchingsub4u, thank you for your comment! This is definitely something I have thought of. Therapist summer has mastered the art of blackmail and has me worried about the possible consequences. I would like to think my reveal to the world as a sissy would be a graceful one but who knows how extreme the vengeance of wife would be. Maybe She could seek out therapist Summers advice as well.

    As for my financial advice. I am thinking to pay ASAP and do whatever the wonderful therapist Summers has in store for me :). Nice to hear from somebody in Ontario!

    • Lovely to hear back from you too! I wrote my comment in a way which may arouse you. I don’t want you to get harmed. You should enjoy and be in comfort with your fetish. You are seeking thrill and exposure and I hope you are getting it in full.
      I am sure, Therapist Summers definitely has an array of weapons for you and she will be using them if you misbehave. The best thing would be to kneel at her alter, accept your submission and pay. That is how therapy works!
      Have a wonderful therapy and life!

      • Oh it definitely did make my chastity cage hard. Thank you for that! I am at home kneeling at her alter, so far her therapy has been exactly what the doctor ordered!
        All of the best! See you around Ontario lol!

  2. Chrissy, I will be nice and will not use names in the comment because that will be unfair as it will defeat the purpose of your game.
    However, an intense comment will be to tell you that I am also from Ontario.
    Now think and imagine, you are blindfolded as per Mistress Summers instruction. Sitting in front of your computer, with this page opened on it. Caged, Plugged, Mouth filled with your dildo. Listening to Sissy hypno, letting the affirmations sink in.
    As you are enjoying your little adventure. Little do you know that Mistress Summers and your wife are on call. She enters the room and sees the image of you as Mistress Summers has described. Painful, sad and furious as she watch you sucking that dildo with conviction. She drops of the call with Mistress Summers.
    She is betrayed and will seek vengeance.
    ********************************** Just think again…
    I think everything you and her need is already on this page. A win-win situation created by the great Therapist.
    She will be free and keep you as you are as she loves you, however she will definitely get along with your coworkers as well. You see there are certain things which you won’t be able to provide after she has seen you like this.
    You are already getting your pleasure and all your wannabe kinks are going to be true.
    Your Coworkers, your wife, lots of cocks, lots of cums, cuckolding, forced bisexuality, chastity, maid fantasy…….. All in that very room.
    So, you being a financial adviser, what is your advise to yourself. Should you pay the extortion money or should you not?

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