Sissy Sophia

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Indian Sissy Slut Porn

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(235 Words)

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This Sensually Slutty Sissy is from Canada and goes by Sissy Sophia (

Sissy Sophia, whose actual name is ____s, is an Indian Sissy who is both exploring their Sexuality as well as Evolving it. His Sissification predates his move to ________, Ontario, in Canada. His wife, Payel, thinks that her husband is an Alpha Male who likes to use Slutty Women. Little does she know that it is actually him who wants to be the Slut for the use of cock! I wonder what she would think of that behavioral reversal.

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  1. I loved the story written by Sophia.
    So as I understand that people have mentioned his wife’s name in comment so even if it is not on his bio it’s out of his hands. Well, unless he pays in full? Is that right, Therapist Summers?

    I see the copyright notice, can I make some exposed webslut captions for these two using the images on this page?

    I also want to write some degrading things about Payel, maybe on comments here, which maybe used by Sophia on his (or her, I am never sure lol) next story? Is it okay to write here?

    This is the best portal I have seen so far on consensual blackmail. Keep it up!

    • Hello there Willem.
      Thank you for the compliment.
      The comments are there for life, per se. Call it the risk of the game ;-)
      You have permission to caption the images so long as you notate where they are from.
      And yes, you may write here.

      • Thank you for the response! Let me know if below is appropriate!

        Filthy Desi Indian pigs like Payel and her slutty sissy husband Sophia must be exposed, named and shamed. That’s the appropriate place for these brown curry whores. It’s no coincidence that they are coloured brown exactly like shit.

        Nobody would see Sophia as a man. He must obviously have a small dick and that too limp. He must be pimped out and gangbanged cheap. He must never get hard and if it ever does, it’s clitty must be kicked hard till it gets limp. Regular ball busting must be administered to crush the balls of this whore so that they never produce cum.

        Payel on the other hand is a pig. All her disgusting ass scratching pics show that Payel has a filthy dirty ass. Due to cellulite and fat deposits, her ass cheeks must always rub and sweat like every Indian whore. That stinky and sweaty ass must be a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. That is the reason Payel scratches her ass. Payel’s filthy ass must be licked by a pig as they will enjoy the filth on her asshole. Till then Payel will keep on scratching her ass. The fungus will spread to Payel’s Desi brown cunt, and she will start scratching her meat flaps with other hand. Payel is an ugly Indian fuckpig and nothing more than a piece of pig shit.Like any Indian whore, Payel is just a set of holes to use. She doesn’t have any dignity or respect. Payel’s reputation must be destroyed. So that she can be pimped out by Therapist Summers every night and when the men are done with her by night she must be kicked out and thrown into garbage. I can keep on writing but I am disgusted now. For now Sophia, you and Payel must spread your legs and allow Therapist Summers to bust your balls and cunt till the only sound you can make is squealing. How about that for a story idea?Let me know if Sophia likes it? And should I write more?

        • I don’t know if I like it or not. All I can say is that I am so scared and degraded after that comment and Mistress is so delighted and considers it appropriate. I feel emasculated and degraded and feel inferior. I am now realizing the consequence of my blackmail. Mistress has told me the same thing about my wife what you wrote. I so believe it now as everyone is talking about the same thing now. It’s not a coincidence that everyone looks at us in the same way. I have realized our place and our purpose. 

      • Seems like you don’t like my reply. Is that the reason you are not posting them.

        • Where did you send them to? I have not seen them.

          • I posted them as reply to your comment.
            Maybe it was too big. Strange you didn’t received them.
            Let me know if I should cut them in smaller paragraphs.
            I will out for couple of hours. If you can email me your response, that would be nice. Since you are the administrator of this webpage. Could you hide or not share me email address.
            Thank you!

          • I found it. It automatically went to trash for some reason. I have approved it and it is posted. I am going to have Sophia look at it right away.
            And don’t worry. I am the only one who sees your email.

      • Hi Willem!
        Thank you for liking the story.
        I am getting so horny and scared with the anticipation of degrading comments and my wife’s exposure as webslut.
        Let me know where you post her and what thoughts you have about us.
        Waiting for your response desperately

  2. I am so sorry, Mistress! I am so sorry to lie and deceive you for last one and half year. The confession changed me and I deserve your wrath. As you mentioned this is just the start of my repentance and it will go further. I will accept the shame, degradation and humiliation as a consequence of my mistakes.
    I am sorry again and I am so scared of what lies ahead.

    • Lying to your Blackmailer. Is you head buried in her shitty ass? What were you thinking? WHAT DID YOU LIE ABOUT?


      • The lie I told was about my wife. I was lying to myself as well. How she is beautiful and intelligent? How good she is and sexy. How I respect her and how ambitious and hard working she is.
        But after talking about my wife for year and half, Mistress, made me realize how untrue it was. She proved that my wife is not sexy, she is lazy, dumb and pathetic. How disgusting and shabby she dresses. How fat and bad shaped she is. How much she eats. How un-hygienic she is. All in details. She made me realize that I knew this but I was purposefully concealing the truth to Mistress

  3. Sissy Sophie,

    Payel is one hot and sexy women. If she hasn’t cucked you yet with another man then she will soon. I think Mistress Summers should insist that you confess that you’re a sissy to her…she will begin to see you for the beta male that you are and seek out real men to sexually fulfill her needs. You can always sit in the corner and watch as a real man takes her from behind and fucks her and give her what she needs.

  4. I’ll show her wife what a real man can do while Sissy Sohpia sits in the corner locked up.

  5. Wow, amazing!! So proud of Sissy Sophia….. More exposure, please!

  6. I would love to shove my cock down that pretty little throat. Maybe make HER forget all about ever being a boy again.

    • Awesome Exposure! Thank you for sharing this. I saw the sissy first and she is so passable and fuckable. Sexy Ass and Legs. Then his hotwife, bent over and inviting. And then the preset pictures, I couldn’t stop laughing and writing a comment. Sissy is more fuckable than his wife. Lol.
      Me and my friends were talking about how we need a slumpbuster after the restrictions end. I think this fat Indian fuck pig will whore out for a bag of chips. What do you think?
      Two more things, Is she trying to do a pole dance in previous picks, coz that is looking so stupid. And, I think we deserve to see the pig titties.

      Let us know what you think!

      • Hello there ANONYMOUS. You have quite the appropriate and accurate understanding of Sophia’s wife, lol. It would be different if she cared, but she sure doesn’t. Recently she was out in public with no panties on, while wearing an ugly pair of shorts.
        With all the pent up sexual lust you guys have, and how some of you guys just want a hole to ‘pork’, she would be a great slumpbuster for you and your friends. Might as well have at her and then for round two you can have something that looks more feminine… her husband, Sophia, lol.

        • Thank you for responding. I have showed my friends her pics and they think that she is great slump-buster too. However, they said it would be nice if we could get an earlier version of this pig. But then that wouldn’t be slump-busting. As disgusted we are with this pig of a wife, my friends are all straight, but I would love to bang Sophia, she is cute and I love that ass of her.
          If we would have seen her out in public like that, we would have offered her a bag of chips, rip her clothes off and fucked her and then throw those chips in the waste containers and watch this Indian pig jump inside to eat them with her gaping holes. Next time I visit Toronto, I wish I can go to Kitchener and buy a bag of chips. Lol. Just kidding!
          Will keep on checking back for more of her disgusting stories and if lucky then new pics. Keep on sharing more!

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