Soft Sissy

Participant in the Backwards Blackmail Game found here



*Note: This Game Round is Customized per mutually agreed addendum. Do not expect your game to play in this manner.


$10.00 of $221.00 Received this round.




In addition to any required payments, Soft Sissy agrees to complete the following cum slut tasks in order to have their photos or information removed from this blackmail game.  

The Provider requires this sissy to make (5) visits to (3) different gloryholes by the 31st of May, 2020. For each separate trip Soft Sissy will wear a unique fuzzy sweater and fur each time along with any other desired articles and accessories, and must not repeat an outfit. 

Soft Sissy will initially go to three different locations with gloryholes or a porn theater where there will be ample dicks available to service, the two remaining will be return trips to whichever venue(s) is preferred or deemed most successful.

Soft Sissy is encouraged to suck as many cocks and receive as many cum loads as is possible, but visual proof of each visit will consist of at least (4) photos total, showing (1) a cock fully in her mouth, (2) a load of semen received on, in or around her face, mouth, neck and/or clothing, (3) a photo showing the exterior of the venue, and (4) a full body shot,  preferably taken by a third party,  outdoors or in bright light, that shows off that days entire outfit. 

To prevent cheating by the use of any existing photos, there is an additional requirement to provide a short video clip that clearly shows the current date and time on the car dashboard, exiting the vehicle and of walking down the street or sidewalk or through the parking lot to approach and enter the location.


(101 Words)

$1 per Word

This Sissy Slut is Dale Messinger of Brookfield, Connecticut. 

As you can see in the photos, as well as the tasks at hand, Sissy Slut Dale loves to suck anonymous cocks and drink all of their cum. He dresses in Angora, Mohair, Furs, Cashmere, and anything else that is soft and plush. Such attire instantly turns Dale into a greedy faggot and makes him want to spent days at the dirty theater or adult bookstores pleasing men and taking as many loads as possible. And Dale is on the inevitable course to prove how much of a Cock Sucker he is!

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