Erotic Extortion

EROTIC EXTORTION (Also: “Consensual Blackmail”)

The act (generally concerning entertainment) of a person giving another person (or people) written (or verbal) permission to release (disclose) sensitive (potentially damaging) information (concerning the prior person), and/or agreed upon falsehoods/embellishments (concerning the prior person), if previously agreed upon actions (terms) are not met by the person (concerning the information).

—The given definition was produced & published by Nathaniel Kagan and is the intellectual property rights holder thereof; reproduced here with permission.

Unlike contemporary Extortion/Blackmail, this eroticized form (if it can be considered a form thereof) is not presently illegal in & of itself. However, it is generally regarded by those of the western legal community as being an act of “Questionable Legality.” The line between Erotic-Extortion & Extortion (or between Contractual Blackmail & Blackmail) itself is very blurred, making it easy for haphazard actions on the part of a Blackmailing-Dominatrix to transgress the boundaries of statutory law. Unless the Dominatrix is adept at Consensual-Blackmail (including a clear & thorough understanding of all concerned laws), this eroticism can be as dangerous to the Dominatrix as it is to the partaker (or even more so).

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