Public Pansexual Problem

Putting the Πᾶν into the Psychosexual World

The Present Pansexual Pride Problem (and a piece on Panromance...)

"Pantheism", "Pandemic", "Pansensism", and "Panphilia"; respectively meaning Belief in All as Divine, an Illness virtually infecting All Places, having Emotional Sensibilities for All People, and housing Love towards All things. Quite equivalent to the use of the Latin "Omni-", the Greek prefix of Pan- generally holds a meaning along the same lines as "All", "Every", and even "Any" in some cases.

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Meaning, in an oversimplified manner, one whom is Sexual towards All people, Pansexuality was originally termed "Pansexualism" (ca. 1917). Almost a century ago it was loosely defined in ways such as "[where] the sex instinct plays the primary part in all human activity, mental and physical", and with quite overt animosity in saying it is "the perversion of all conduct and experience with sexual emotions." While such blunt definitions were pretty common during those years of Psychoanalytical beginnings, we know that the term is not so black & white. Although being Pansexual means different things to different people, it seems to be the general consensus (pertaining to those whom use the term frequently) that Pansexuality refers to one's indifference towards the issue of gender in relation to sexual attraction. Thus is where "any", and not "all", holds the dominant factor in the term's meaning.

Androgynous part of Pansexual Natures

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But just as Psychology back in the 1800's had much difficulty in avoiding areas of its field from molding into that of Philosophy, many Sexual areas (or, rather, Psychosexual & Sexological) today have found themselves falling backwards into Philosophy. The topic of Pansexualism (or 'Omnisexuality' if you will) is one of these unfocused fields; having become more as one centered around semantics & states (states of mind that-is) instead of standing on a unique sexual nature. The matter that Pansexuality has been... dare I say... hijacked by the 'Holier than thou' crowd, populated by those who gloat about themselves being more advancedprogressive, real, and now than everyone else. This recent ousting of the old Pansex'ers (per-se) via the 'Cool-Coup' has lead to much confusion concerning the principles & points of Pansexuality.

This 'All-Sexual' of today is used like it is a one-up (so-to-speak) on Bisexuality.

Pseudo-Pansexualists use the pure semantic stance that Bisexuals are only about the inclusion of the two general genders within their parcel of the Sexual Sphere and end it there with a big "". Almost to a degree of anti-androgyny, moronic... oops, I mean 'modern' Pansexualists stress their open-ended sexual inclusion, when it comes to genders. Thus, they, in claiming a higher station on the totem of tolerance, state (claim) that their sexuality (their sexual attractions) includes not only men & women, but also Transsexual-males, Transsexual-females, Twinks, Chicks, Dikes & Twunks... oh, and Androgynous individuals too.

Half Homo is not HeteroFooled to believe it was a bananaBut, as I had said several times already, their superiority-stance is merely semantics. For, in actuality, Bisexuality has already included those outside of the generic gender gaps, and that inclusion is one that has been in the books; and I do mean that quite literally.

If someone's sexuality is social-omnipresent, then so-be-it. Such sexual natures should be understood & embraced. They shouldn't be showboated & shouted like some spotlight-stealing Satan; especially when most whom claim they are Pansexual aren't, rather just holding to it as if they were the Caucasian walking arm in arm with all different races during a Pride Parade.

In my personal opinion, today is not the day for taking Selfies for our Sexuality, in the name of AWARENESS, when psychosexually confused people don't even know what the hell "PANROMANTIC" is!

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Not too long ago someone had, via a social-media outlet, openly put forth a personal question which concerned this issue. I have placed their original question, and my given answer, below...

Anonymous asked:

Is it possible that I'm pan romantic but asexual?
Therapist Summers answered:
As the term “Love”, and hence “Romance” are haphazardly throw around in today’s society, it is of no surprise that such a question needs to be asked. The issue becomes muddied due to Romance & Passion, and sex in-turn, being melded together in society, the media, and in the English language itself. In order to show that the answer of “yes” is the proper one, or rather to show ‘why’ it is, one must take a step back from the present limitations we have in English. But obviously we are not about to order language learning tapes for this issue, lol. Rather, Panromance & Pansexuality being separable is backed (if not proven) by the differention between the four individual words used in Greek Philosophy, all of which are usually translated into English as “love”. My friend had written an explanation of each word, and you can find it here:

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    Love this distinction. I am changing my fetlife profile due to your very helpful information here. Thank you Miss Samantha.

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