2013 Results

Sexology Study Preliminary Results

Background information on the first completed Sexological Survey administered by the S.S.I.:

In the beginning of September 2013 the Samantha Summers Institute put together an 110 question Sexology Survey. This study was publicly released via Niteflirt® on the 27th of that month. On the 14th of January 2014 Lady Summers decided that enough data had been collected (i.e. a sufficient number of participants completed the survey) for a preliminary public release of the collective findings. Lady Samantha Summers chose to make certain questions/responses available to the public with some commentary before further responses were collected/analyzed. What follows are those chosen questions/answers (about 25% of the entire survey) and Lady Samantha Summers’ commentary:

(The hereinafter statistical findings & analytic commentaries were originally published on the SSI’s weblog (http://samanthasummersinstitute.wordpress.com -blog closed in June, 2014) in Jan. of 2014 by Therapist Samantha Summers.)


On the question of sexual orientation, the majority of respondents declared themselves as being Heterosexual (which was to be expected). However, 32% stated that they were Bi-curious & almost 13% said that they were Bisexual (whether leaning towards men or women). Thus, 45% have sexual thoughts aimed towards their own sex. Being a believer in the accuracy of many of the famous sexual studies by Alfred Kinsey, this was not a surprise to me while such a high percentage would surprise others.


Around 50% of participants reported that they have had 10 or more sexual partners. This sexology study so far matches other respected studies which had shown the average being around 9 or 10 partners. Around 10% said that they have only had 1 partner. Whether this percentage is due to youth or monogamy is unknown (though probably being a mixture of the two).


The question of which is more important, looks or intelligence, was put in two ways; which was more important in a relationship & which was more important for just sex. It was of no shock that intellect won when it came to relationships with over 75% preferring a woman with below average looks & above average intelligence. However, I & others in the S.S.I. expected the percentages to be reversed for the sex issue, with body over brains having a strong lead. This turned out not to be the case. Not only was it a tight race, with only 2% between the two, but it was the below average looks & above average intelligence that was in the lead.


On the question of “Which would you most want the other person to do during sex?” the choices were Smile, Laugh, Giggle, Stare, Scream, Ignore, Frown or Talk. The winner per-say was “Smile” with 26%, while second & third place went to “Scream” & “Talk” with 20% & 16% respectively. In fourth came “Laugh” with 13% which was not surprising due to those whose sexual eroticism is most connected with humiliation.


Participants were asked what ratio of men-to-women they would choose if they were orchestrating a sexual orgy (being given 7 ratio choices). While it was a virtual tie between the ratios with majority men & those with majority women, the favorite choice was 4 men to 1 woman with over 22%. The least chosen ratio with 6% was also a male-dominated ratio of 10 men to 1 woman.


Of famous historical figures, respondents preferred to have sex with Queen Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt, at 67%. The next most sexually popular figure was the French warrior Joan of Arc, with 29%. Despite 13% of participants admitting that they were Bisexual, no one had sexual preference towards the great empire builder Alexander the Great (which is further surprising due to the majority opinion that he was a strong & manly Bisexual). invoc


It was asked if the participant had sex with a Tranny (a.k.a. Shemale), what sexual activities they would do with ‘her.’ They were told to choose all answers (sexual acts) which applied. 6% of participants said that they would not participate in any of the sexual activities. Thus, 94% admitted that they would participate in sexual activity with a Tranny. Seeming that 55% of these respondents concider themselves Heterosexual, this finding is further evidence for the idea that many (if not most) men who are sexually attracted to Shemales are Heterosexual. The great majority said that they would “suck her penis”, that majority being 83%. Around 35% would lick her butt-hole, play with her testicles & French-kiss her. Over 40% said that they would masturbate her from behind.


On the survey the question was asked “If you could do anything for one day without consequences, which of the following would you most like to do?” Due to the nature of the survey the choices, of which there were 5, were all sexual. The majority, at 58%, chose “Have my significant other have sex with another person.” This was not surprising seeming that Cuckoldry is a rather common fetish (one’s significant other having sex with another man being a cornerstone per-say of Cuckoldry), but this could also include those men which desire to see their wife or girlfriend have sex with another woman. Tied for second, both with 16%, were to “masturbate in public” & “Cheat on my significant other.” tumblr_mwago5bTxx1qbb1fro1_500


Facials (a man ejaculating on someone’s face) are the most common form of cum-shot seen in porn. This matched the question on what body-part would the participant prefer to ejaculate on; someone’s face being with number one answer. The body-part that came in second (no pun intended) was someone’s butt. In dead last was someone’s back, but on the flipside someone’s chest was the fourth most popular response out of 8 choices.


Shortly after the survey was created the United Kingdom banned sex-based internet sites, which included phone sex hosting sites similar to Niteflirt. This made the following question even more important: “If there was no phone sex anymore, what would you most use instead?” No shock that the majority of respondents said that they’d use Pornography instead, coming in at 56%. In second came Prostitution, at 23%. Dating, both online & in-person, accounted for 10%. However, only 3% was for in-person dating (which was the least popular response). This low percentage is partially because of those participants who are married.


Participants were asked about Psychological sexual pleasure. They were asked which gave them the most psychosexual satisfaction (not physical pleasure); general masturbation, orgasm/ejaculation or tease & denial. The majority responded that sexual teasing (orgasm denial) gave them the most mental pleasure with 56%. Another question asked which sex-toy they would most enjoy; nipple-clamps, butt-plug, Fleshlight or a chastity device. The prior answer’s majority response matched the majority answer of the latter which was the chastity device (a common tool used during sexual tease & denial) with 40%. old-key-1385384620Pb2


“What do you consider as the most sensual form of foreplay?” was another question asked of the participants. Their choices were rubbing of the genitals, rubbing of the legs, rubbing of the chest, kissing of the body & mouth-to-mouth kissing. Almost 15% beyond the runner-up, mouth-to-mouth kissing came in as the number one answer with over 40%. This answer would have obviously been much higher decades ago; but it is interesting that despite the changing times & the more sexual openness, the simple & sweet sensual act of kissing remains on top.


The survey contains a question about sex & religion (despite it being a very touchy topic for many). Respondents were asked their opinion about which adherents of what religion they believed are best at providing sexual pleasures. Both at 23%, Wiccan & Neo-Pagan tied for first. Many Neo-Pagan religions are much more sexually open than majority religions such as Christianity, Islam & Judaism, so this finding was in-line with what those of the S.S.I. thought it would be. The religion known as “Taoism” received zero votes. This both surprised those of the S.S.I. and, at the same time, did not. Hinduism came in fourth, with 13%, which is probably because of the Hindu sexual manual called the “Kama Sutra.” However, Taoism has its own sexual manual. Actually, it has several religious works that are focused around sex. Those works talk a lot about sexual tease & denial. But, as I had said, those of the S.S.I. weren’t surprised seeming that this fact is one that is rarely known.


Similar to the question about famous ancient figures, participants were asked about which modern day TV/movie celebrity they would most want to have sex with. Actress Angelina Jolie was the most popular with exactly 50%. In second came Christina Applegate with 33%. Despite 4 of the 8 celebrities being men and 13% admitting Bisexuality, only one man received any attention with one vote.


Participants were asked one question in three ways; what type of woman they would want for a one-night stand, for a love affair & for marriage. Their woman-type choices were Bratty, Bitchy, Classy, Snobby, Snippy, Sassy, Slutty and Savvy. They had to pick one type for each of the 3 above-noted situations. (They could pick the same choice each time, a different one for each or mix & match.) When it came to a one-night stand, Slutty took the proverbial cake with 36% and that was followed by Bitchy with 23%. For a love affair Classy took the gold with 26%, followed by Sassy with 23%. The Slutty type had dropped down to 16%. Classy tied for first with Savvy when it came to marriage, both having 30% popularity. Slutty came in second with its continued 16%. Snippy & Snobby remained in last for all three. shocked-woman-and-sinister-men


This study asked what type of woman participants would believe to make the best “Fem-Dom” (a woman who formally dominates men {i.e. Feminine Domination}). Their choices were a Government Official, Business Owner, Military Officer, Millionairess, Coal Miner, Housewife or a Prostitute. Housewife came in second with 20%. The 60% majority chose a Business Owner. The majority answer was interesting in its truth. Phone Sex Operator Fem-Doms & In-Person Fem-Doms are usually business owners in that they own their own Adult Entertainment business.


One of the questions in the survey was “Which trait do you think is the greatest turn-on to most women?” The available choices were lots of money, big muscles, masculinity, large penis, book smarts, sex knowledge, adventuresome & a high sperm count. The men of this study were divided. Adventuresome & a lot of money tied for first, both with 25%. These were followed by a large penis at 19%. Big muscles & a big brain (i.e. book smarts) both came in last with less than 4% each. As a woman, I decline to comment on this at this time.


There have always been talk, jokes & other things about both men & women thinking about other people during sex. Thus, the question was asked: “When having sex with a partner, who do you usually think of?” Contrary to the popular the belief, the majority of respondents said that they think of the person they are having sex with; though the majority wasn’t a large one, being at 56%. Interestingly, of the people who are thinking about someone else, less people are thinking about people in pornography (16%) than those who are thinking about another person that they personally know (23%).


In the survey it was asked “If a man hit on you, would it make you more comfortable about trying homosexual acts?” 13% said yes, 29% said no and 42% said maybe. However, there was a fourth option: “I am straight, so it’s inapplicable.” Even though 54% considered themselves Heterosexual, only a mere 16% of those same respondents declared that they were straight (i.e. heterosexual). (It should be noted that this question was 60 questions after the question about their sexual orientation. Had the sexual-based questions caused arousal that loosened their inhibitions and thus allowed bi-curiosity to be revealed?) men-in-underwear


It is a question that has been asked for thousands of years and so we brought it up in the study: “Who do you think gets more pleasure from sex, [men or women]?” 27% said that women get the most pleasure while the majority at 73% said that men do. I guess that the majority of the respondents know Greek literature where the man who said the answer was women was punished for saying so.


A few questions had a great almost 50/50 divide amongst the participants. But one question showed a literal split down the middle. The question was “If you had to have penetrative sex with both a woman and a man, which would you do?” and the 2 choices were “the man first, then the woman” & “the woman first, then the man.” Each choice received exactly 50% of the vote. We will have to see in the future which way the pendulum swings (if either way).


Another question in the survey was “If your sexual partner enjoyed all of your fetishes, would you continue seeking out online sexual outlets?” asking for a simple yes or no response. Despite the majority at 66% saying no, the other 34% admitted that they would continue looking around. Even though it was the minority that said yes, this coincides with the idea that people are always going to chase novel stimuli.


Footwear is the most common article of the clothing-based sexual fetishes. Thus, this question was asked of all participants: “Which type of footwear would you most enjoy seeing on a woman?” As a single response, high heeled shoes came in first with 35%. This was followed by thigh-high boots with 22%. But when combining the percentages for thigh-high boots, knee-high boots & ankle boots (i.e. all of the boot choices), it comes to a total of 49%. The only other heeled shoe choice (9-inch fetish heeled shoes) received 7%, and so heels combined only came to 42%. So, all-in-all, boots took the gold for visually enjoyable footwear. Woman_with_boot_flask_1922


Participants were asked were they would most desire to have sex “if the location was private.” The winning location was the beach with 30%. This was an interesting winner seeming that in another question 30% of respondents said that they would not want to have sex with a person who has sand on them. Going back to location, some of the participants were romantics, 20% choosing a “field of flowers” (which was tied for second with a high-rise rooftop –which could also be romantic at night).


All of the above statistical findings and the analysis thereof are the intellectual & independently-collected property of the Samantha Summers Institute™.

All rights are reserved.

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