Fetishes Poll

Sexual Fetishes Poll

Surveying 358 Different Fetishes

Cum-Eating Feminization Smoking Ruination Glasses Virgins Tickling Pegging Bukkake Ladyboys Creampies Blackmail MILFs Sex-Dolls Breasts FinDom Sissification Forced-Gay Gloryholes Spanking Cuckolding Swinging Small-Penis BBC Babysitters Milk-Pouring Lingerie Facesitting Tattoos Lesbians Latex Transformation Fisting

This special survey from the SSI aims to discover the most common Sexual Fetishisms from thorough & extensive list of 358 Fetishes constructed by Therapist Samantha Summers and several of her colleagues. Covering a broad & diverse base of Sexualities, both Dominant & Submissive, we encourage men of all sorts, of all orientations & persuasions, to participate in this poll.

Due to the extensive nature of this poll and the sheer amount of data involved, the SSI only asks for a $0.50 access fee in order to participate and to have unlimited access to the results.

In order to obtain access, just click on the image below:

Sexual Fetishes Poll

Once you've obtained the entry code above, you may enter it below to access the poll:

Special Adults Only Content of the Samantha Summers Institute Locked to Tease you




This content is protected, and is hidden from public view.

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Fetishes Poll was last modified: March 27th, 2018 by Therapist Summers
Fetishes Poll was last modified: March 27th, 2018 by Therapist Summers
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