FDI by Joe Schmo

His name isn’t Mr. Schmo, he’s too well known to be an average Joe, and FDI doesn’t really mean anything (though I am using it here as an abbreviation for “Financial Domination Instruction“); while surely there could be debate over whether or not the FinDom Fetish is the Sexual-Singularity being showcased hereinafter.

Well, it’s going to get pretty boring rather quickly if I merely keep stating all of the things that the following embedded-video isn’t. Thus, let’s save some time in saving 20 questions for another day.

You could & should just move on down, let ‘er load, and know all about it on your very own:

Small Penis Humiliating Financial Domination P4V MovieNote: I disallow the use of any/all embedded videos (iframes) throughout the site during the ongoing of certain events; events which there is no  need to mention here at this time. However, such events only last 1-3 hours, and so all videos will be back up & available shortly in the event you find them unavailable for reasons not owed by your end.

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