FagSlavePig Humiliation Checklist 2.0

FagSlavePig’s Humiliating Public-Humiliation Checklist:

Below are the Proof Photos and Videos for FAGSLAVEPIG. These Proofs concern the Humiliation tasks found at:


Task Set 1: Cock Sucking Tasks

TASK 1-A:  Suck a 5 inch cock

TASK 1-B:  Suck a 6 inch cock

TASK 1-C:  Suck a 7 inch cock

TASK 1-D:  Suck an 8 inch cock

Task Set 2: Ass Licking Tasks 

TASK 2-A:  Lick a man’s Ass

TASK 2-B:  Lick a man’s Ass Hole

TASK 2-C:  Have face sat on by man’s Ass

TASK 2-D:  Lick & Suck on the Ass Hair of a man

Task Set 3: Single Faggot Sex Tasks

TASK 3-A:  Get Face Fucked

TASK 3-B:  Get Butt Fucked doggy style

TASK 3-C:  Get Butt Fucked missionary style

Task Set 4: Suction Cup Toy Tasks†

†All Set 4 Tasks must be done either during the day or with the lights on at night.

TASK 4-A:  Fuck a Suction Cup Dildo against an open hotel window

TASK 4-B:  Fuck a Suction Cup Dildo against Driver’s Side window

TASK 4-C:  Fuck a Suction Cup Dildo against Front Home window (inside AND outside)

Task Set 5: Not-so-private Masturbation Tasks

TASK 5-A:  Masturbate facing open hotel window for 60 seconds

TASK 5-B:  Masturbate with back to open window for 90 seconds

TASK 5-C:  Masturbate with back to open hotel door for 120 seconds

TASK 5-D:  Masturbate in open front doorway outside of house (forwards & backwards)

Task Set 6: Unique Fetish Walking Tasks

TASK 6-A:  Walk down 3 hotel corridors dressed in thong, bra and nylons

TASK 6-B:  Throw car keys into wooded area & retrieve keys while bottomless

TASK 6-C:  Walk totally naked 100 feet down the street and back to house

Task Set 7: Condom Play Tasks 

TASK 7-A:  Inflate used condom and pop it on face

TASK 7-B:  Chew on a used condom and drain onto face

TASK 7-C:  Empty a used condom onto tongue and swallow

Task Set 8: Split Roasting Faggot Sex Tasks 

TASK 8-A:  Get butt fucked while getting face fucked on all fours

TASK 8-A:  Reverse cowgirl one cock while receiving facial from another


TASK 9-A:  Have man write “FAGGOT WHORE” on face

TASK 9-B:  Have man spit on face while being called “Faggot”

TASK 9-C:  Yell out “I’m such a cock loving faggot” while being Fucked

TASK 9-D:  Say “Please give me your delicious cum Sir” before getting a Facial


Jason Richardson thought fucking a dildo against his back door in view of his neighbor’s homes was a task. It wasn’t… lol:


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