If you’re wondering why you have never heard of a Para-Fetish before, you’re not alone; as the term was developed by me, Miss Samantha Summers, mainly as part of my Fetish Filing adventure described elsewhere.* “Para”, as the Greek (παρά), means “besides”, “near”, “next to”, ‘linked to (yet separate from)’, ‘similar’, etc, and were sticking with the regular meaning for Fetish rather than getting senselessly literal (coming from French, Fetish hearkens back to the Portuguese word for a “Magical Spell”, which came from the Latin Facere facticiusto Fabricate…).

Thus, a Parafetish is, as far as a place-holding definition goes, a ‘sort-of-Fetish‘ kind of Fetish-ism. Please don’t make the mistake of taking Para-fetish as being a Sub-fetish. It helps that ‘Para’ can also mean “against” or “in opposition to”, as what we are speaking of is like a Fetish, but isn’t one, while simultaneously being contrary to one’s Fetishes and yet can be connected to them.

I really seem to be clearing up the cloud of confusion, wouldn’t you say?.,,

BDSM (Books Depress Stupid Men)

BDSM (Books Depress Stupid Men?…)



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