Forced Bi Misnomer

The Forced-Bi Misnomer

Is it really Forced?

Forced Bi Therapy

You SAY that you want to be FORCED into having bisexual activities. You SAY that you would NEVER engage in sex with a man on your own. You SAY that it is MISTRESS that made you do it. Well, let’s see about that!

This special examination will evaluate your sexuality when it comes to the idea of sexual interactions with a man, both with and without the aid or presence of a Mistress. This exam begins with a short 2 minute audio intro to set you into the appropriate state of mind; something which is necessary for the greatest possible accuracy. Containing over 40 questions ranging from simple True or False to Multiple Choice, we will take a look at the full picture surrounding your thoughts & behavior concerning Forced Bisexuality. Also housed within this evaluation is a one & a half minute video, as well as 17 explicit photos which are paired with specific questions. At the end of the exam, your answers will be calculated and your results will be given.

Let us see if you truly want to be FORCED into Bisexual activities as an act of submission & humiliation, or if you merely use it as an EXCUSE to play with another man and hide your true homoerotic desires…

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Forced Bi Test

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Forced Bi Misnomer was last modified: February 26th, 2019 by Therapist Summers
Forced Bi Misnomer was last modified: February 26th, 2019 by Therapist Summers
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