Sissy Tree

The Sissy Tree

O Sissy tree, o Sissy tree
How Sexy are thy Sissies

Click or tap the Sissy Balls on the tree above to see each of the tree’s Sissies.

IMPORTANT: Our Sissy Tree is in need of more Sissies!

The More the Merrier!

Want to be a Sissy Ball this Holiday Season? Then don’t wait! Be added to the Sissy Tree today.

Click on the image below to obtain a place on the tree before it becomes full of Sissy Cheer…

After purchasing your placement on the tree, go to the Photo Submission Form that you’ll find with your purchase. You may upload more than one photo, but only one will be used as your placement on the tree; in both the Sissy Ball itself and for in the pop up concerning your individual Ornament. Within 48 hours of your submission, you will be added to the Tree for the World to see and notified of your placement.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would share our Special SISSY TREE via the appropriate Share Buttons below:

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  1. Miss Summers is being mean to me again

  2. I wanted to check my reservation , that’s the equivalent of reserving a table in a restaurant and they give you table with an uneven leg next to the door . If my ball was any lower it be on the ground , if the tree could talk it would say my left nuts hanging low .

    • It is right where you belong on the tree Sissy Michelle. It is not a bad thing. It is a proper thing. I am your superior and you are inferior. You will embrace where I place you and you will aim to please.

      • Miss Summers I have known you were superior to me since the first time we talked . I apologize for not admitting it sooner and I feel much better accepting you are my superior .I have always clearly been inferior to you

  3. Thank you Miss Summers , i’d like to express my gratitude for reserving a place on your sissy tree for me . I’m fully aware it was a generous act on your part because I have not yet met the qualifications . It’s such a joyous sight , it makes me think you see great potential in me . I know I refused and re-buffed every attempt you’ve made in the past to make me suck cock , but yet you’ve reserved a place for me on your a tree . I feel I’m ready I hope I don’t let you down again and rightfully earn a permanent place on the tree after I sucked my first cock .

    • I am very proud of your progress Sissy Michelle and I look forward to you sucking your first cock. You have been needing this for a long time and I will be so happy and proud when you do it.

      • Miss Summers I took your test are you gay and scored a 9 out of a 100 and that put me in the not gay category . Im Sissy Michelle and I want to be on your tree and I’m convinced more than ever it’s going to be a lot harder getting there than I thought , you should lower your standards to be on your tree .

  4. Miss Summers rejected my request to be on her sissy tree because I haven’t sucked a cock yet . She told me I’m getting there but at this point I’m not qualified, I must say I respect her more for that . I didn’t meet the requirements and she turn me down .

    • Once you do Sissy Michelle, and I know you will, you will earn your place on the Tree.

      • Sissy Michelle

        No Sissy Michelle is not happy I want to be on your tree now. No fair I’ve done a lot of things only a sissy would do. Just because I haven’t sucked a cock you say I’m not a sissy enough and can’t be on your tree yet . You’re being mean to me I want to be on your tree

        • You have done a lot of sissy things Michelle, and I am proud of you. But you need to meet the requirements and you need to go further. It may seem unfair and it may seem that I am being harsh with you, but this is tough love. I know what you need Michelle and I am going to help you obtain it. You will thank me for it and be so happy and proud to be on the tree after you enjoy the cock you’ve been craving.

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