Erotic Esoterica

Exploring the Hidden Veils of Sexuality

Spirituality, Esoterica, the unknown depths of the well of the Human Psyche, the spirit within, is a part, an integral aspect, of the Human Condition and must not be ignored. What presently may not be analysed by science should not be innately negated, nor go unexplored. Even if the Esoteric be nothing but smoke & mirrors, the thickness of the smoke, tangible, the image upon the mirror, visible; having impact upon the Minds & Actions of Men. 

The GODDESS / slave Alchemical Contract

A unique esoteric binding of slave to Mistress. This contract, properly based off of the esoteric “Chymical Wedding”, as well as proper Hermetic workings, enslaves not only one’s body but also one’s mind. This 6 page contract, made up of 14 tasks separated into 7 Physical & 7 Mental, goes further than a mere temporal agreement; binding you to your GODDESS. If you yearn for a deeper connection, which goes beyond the bodily, surpassing the sole physical, and into the very soul, then click the image below to obtain this contract and begin your spiritually erotic journey…

Goddess Slave Contract - Erotic Esoteric Contract

The above Alchemical Contract can by obtained for $9.99 by clicking on the image above.

The GODDESS/slave Contract, an Erotic Esoteric Enslavement, is only for those serious about the GODDESS/slave relationship. It is only for those determined to be bound & enslaved onto a Mistress in a deeper sense than the mere act of erotic role-playing. If you are ready to commit to such a binding, then obtain this contract, thoroughly review it and sign it only if thou is sure.


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