Fet Map 3 Part A

A True ClassSEXAct

The Higher the Class, the Better the Ass!


Here we speak of where there is peace rather than warfare when it comes to Class. Those of the Low-Class & the Upper-Class do in fact mix together on more occasions than just when Dinner Parties needs Catering.

We’ve virtually all heard of the Mistress/Master & Servant/Slave high-low relationship existing among Fetishistic-founded encounters. However, many (if not most) would assume that such relationships were wholly lacking in sexuality back before the abolishing of actual Slavery.

killkindnessBesides for being a Fetishistic Fantasy in many a’ mind of men back in the 1800’s I’m sure, there were indeed those whom sexually mixed, not races, but classes in a Sexual manner.


But just as interracial sex back then was quite hush-hush, inter-class sex was a lights-off kind of meeting…


In those past time, the eyes of the conservative-minded public (well, at least when it came to morals & the obscene) saw a maid having sex with a lord to be as horrifying as a white man bedding a black lady (free or not).


Ah… that pornographic pic couldn’t have been better for portraying what I mean.

Either way, I am sure you understand what such mingling must have been like for those participating. (Makes one wonder if sex in a dark alleyway didn’t begin from the mere purpose of proximity… Hmm…)


On a side note… speaking of doggie-style sex in dank-spots… I wonder if the issue that Prostitutes wore ritzy dresses back in those hay-days per-se has any connection with Wealthy Women sexually slumming that we’re speaking of…

Ass from the Past

But, anyway, getting back to the Fetish Facts at hand…

While Sex is in Comedy for Laughs, there are things in Vintage porn (as well as the Porn we see in present day) which may seem quite comical, but yet they have serious purposes, meanings, understandings, and reasons all-the-same.


Mainly, such comedic undertones (or overtones when looking at it while not aroused) are the Over Exaggerations displayed in such pornography.

While many would pretty properly deem it racist today, a lot of Vintage Interracial Porn would showcase the Black man as being Animalistic; a Feral Sex-Hungry Wild Man.


In a similar manner would Inter-Class Porn be portrayed with over exaggerations…

SS-SS (5)

Such imagery (and choppy porno-flicks) would display ritzy women with scum; where her sexual acts are more like a role in the garbage dump.


…where the lines between the Filthy Rich and the Clean-Slate Bottom are drawn with even greater distinction then there actually was in day-to-day life.


But of course, such is still done today with Role-plays in Porn being stereotypical at almost every turn. Yet, such exaggerations can be done for a multitude of purposes…

Marilyn and the Potato Sack Dress, c (4)

And this was not only about Ladies getting down-right dirty, but also about house-maids seducing kings & lords.

This sort of Socio-sexuality has a far greater reach than mere wealth & look.

It also bleeds into the realm of Criminology; dainty dames brandishing guns at the gambling table, and other things along that line…


O’ what vastness there be

in the sea of sexuality!

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