FetMap 4 Part A

Dirty-Handed Partialism

Not the Proverbial Dirty of the Pleasurable Deed


Though women had been stuck with silly & stupid traditional roles for virtually thousands of years, with the redefinition of work, class, conservative, etc. which came out of the Industrial Revolution, as did the role of women in the work force.

Sexual Fetishism focusing its attraction on a woman’s hands was surely in existence during the Victorian Era of limp-wrist Ladies bearing dainty hands. But, generally speaking, that picture-perfect imagery (such as that seen below) only went hand-in-hand with the mainstream (per-se) version of Hand Fetishism (Hand-Partialism).


Just as virtually any ‘cleanFetish (so to speak) has its literal dirty side, Hand Partialism is no different. Similar to many having Foot-Fetishes focused on ‘Funky Feet‘, there are (and were) those whom desire dirty-digits over pristine-palms.

While these Fetishes-of-Filth, if you will, were most likely in existence way before the mechanical melee of the 1800’s, women workers being an actual part of society surely caused this form of Hand Fetish to balloon.

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The ideal side of this two-handed Fetish (pun intended) was centered around smooth skin, polished nails, soft palms, and weak wrists. Then, on the other end of this double-sided fetishism was everything opposite of the heretofore.

Such Fetishists loved the sight of a woman working with their hands.

Hand Fetishism (Sexual Hand Partialism)

Generally speaking, the deeper into this dirty-dirty sexuality. the dirtier the type of work being done by the woman; more physical, more intensive laboring of, on & in the land.

Well, during the Industrial Revolution, women did indeed get dirty at work…


…and I do mean dirty!

Hand Fetish (Hand Partialism Preview Pic)

Yet, my o’ my do those with this form of Hand Fetish LOVE it!

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