FetMap 4 Part B

Humor, Horror & Hysteria

Or should Hysteria come first?..


Note that I said “Hysteria” and not Hysterical. Now, despite “Horror” being a part of the title, we are not talking about Sexual Sadism here today. Nor are we speaking of “Humor” in connection to the Humiliation she’s enduring; for although her face surely doesn’t display content. let alone consent, women are still the stronger sex herein.

So, what exactly were we looking at up there?

Well, you take a look and I’ll indeed say, while you listen, and we shall see,..


Well, he’s a Physician and she’s his Patient.

I am just thankful that the tools of his field have changed over the years…

So… What’s the big deal about early Gynecology?

Well… the truth that the specialists in the field back then were also the specialists for everything concerning a woman’s MENTAL health… that’s a good place to start.

HHJ (43)

(“Psychosexual” doesn’t mean that a Prostitute should diagnose Mental Disorders!)


Virtually anything that a Woman did, had, or felt that wasn’t perfectly inline with society’s standard for a Happy Homemaker. was deemed as “Hysteria”; a pseudo-illness afflicting females just as Nymphomania is a woman’s only disease down to this very day!


But I am sure that the prescription for this predicament had caught your eye… “Vibration”!

Yup, that’s right, the cure-all for woman-issues was a Vibrator. It was a doctor’s way of saying “Just shove a sock in it…” without actually needing to say it to the bitchy rolling-pin wielding wife. But, it does work… Give us something pleasurable down there, and we’ll quit nagging up there.


(Hence the reason why most wives continue to nag their husbands.)


(I’m sure that you grasp my implications.)




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