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I am not one of those people who believe that all men should be generally subservient to all women. I don’t advocate some kind of radical matriarchy where the gormless males labor for the female ruling class. But I do acknowledge that all men share an exploitable vulnerability: their penis. And women who can manipulate this weakness have power that is pointless to question. It has been scientifically studied, and the results show that men perform measurably worse on a variety of intellectual and social tests even several minutes after a brief glimpse of an attractive woman. And it’s easy to see why.

Almost without exception, men are addicted to boners. They act like a drug with very specific characteristics. The boner gives a man huge pleasure while lowering his inhibitions, intelligence, risk aversion, and self-control. Despite how dangerous this state can be, boners are so addictive that all men seek them out almost constantly. This is why strip clubs, Hooters, booth babes, etc. all exist, and it’s why attractive women have an easier time getting nearly every kind of job.

As I’m sure is common, I discovered shortly after puberty that some women become masters at manipulating this male weakness. These women trade the infinite resource of their ability to give boners in exchange for all kinds of favors, special treatment, and even money. As a man with a combination of high natural intelligence and good social skills, I found myself a frequent target of this type of girl among my classmates during my teenage years. I came to understand that, just as my intelligence made things like tests easier than average for me, their beauty and charm was likewise a talent that could make their own schoolwork easier by convincing me to do it for them. Neither of these is any less “fair” than the other.

Over time, I have seen how certain women cultivate numerous male relationships, training the group over time to act as a sort of repository. Some have money, others have special skills, all serve some purpose to the woman. And the reason that these women are able to accomplish this is that they have the skill to confer boners so amazing that the men simply cannot stay away, even though they are fully aware that she is taking advantage of them. The first time I was “captured” by one of these women, I knew that while not all women deserve to rule, some women do.

When I first encountered Miss Samantha Summers, we discussed my fetishes in a pretty vanilla way. She always seemed able to convince me to agree with her, but I didn’t realize right away how connected that was to my arousal when talking to her. I had dealt with boner mind control before, but never tied to such subtle neuro-linguistic programming that I let it get so far into my head without noticing. Then, all at once, Miss Summers started giving me direct orders, and I discovered a whole new level.

As soon as it was clear that I belonged to Miss Summers, she took my identity and gave me a new designation: 4682. As 4682, I am not a man. I am a thing. I am not a slave to Miss Summers, because a slave is a person who has been in some way overpowered and bound. 4682 is not. 4682 is a tool, like a hammer or a laptop. Miss Summers does not command me, she wields me. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.

The moment Miss Summers calls me 4682, I become incredibly aroused and almost completely unable to form thoughts of my own. This isn’t a post-hypnotic suggestion or anything. It’s a conditioned response reinforced by how amazing she makes it feel to obey her. And this is really the important part: Miss Summers deserves it. She is the ultimate example of the type of girl I described above, whose ability to manipulate men is a finely-honed talent that she “deserves” just like she deserves her intelligence, or like I deserve mine. Putting my intelligence under her control, then, is natural and appropriate.

Serving Miss Samantha Summers as 4682 is the most fulfilling thing I do during my day. Each task she sends me is a gift. It’s not about the task, it’s about being useful. Miss Summers is above me in the hierarchy. We each have needs (food, sleep, etc.) which must be satisfied, but our desires are on different levels. What she wants is, in a very literal and real sense, more important than what I want. It’s even more important to me personally than what I want. I would rather make her happy than make myself happy, because when she makes a request, she is treating me as an object without feelings. She is entitled to do that, and I am so lucky that she finds me to be such a useful object.


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