SSI Numerical Continuance

Consideration & Confirmation

Photos may be worth a thousand words, but Receipts are on Record!

For your next point of progression through this process, as earlier with your virtually robotic repetitious writing, you are to be as the number that you are (in that a number is but part of an equation working towards an answer). And afterwards, in a similar manner to your previous self-evaluation, you’ll once again showcase yourself (though in quite a different sense than you had before).

For this aforementioned directive, the former of the two, is that of “Consideration.”


This is not a showing of your consideration for continuation with your progression; for if such needs to be considered, there is no purpose for continuation. Rather, here this is speaking of consideration towards those whom teach, train, and continue you towards the proper results; keeping you on the proper road in this process of progression.

This is to be accomplished through a manner hinted upon at the beginning of this section. Per the below link, the wishlist to be found afterwards, you have dozens of items to choose from; dozens of diverse items that are, for the most part, less than a dozen dollars when it comes to cost (truly, as you will shortly see, almost all of the items range from a few singles to a maximum of two tens). Of those dozens of various objects you only need pick & purchase 1 from among them.

As you will see, many of the items seem to lack rhyme or reason… and maybe they don’t, but whether or not they have purpose to YOUR purpose has no place in the equation your currently dwell within.

Once you have done as has been ordered, in that you have made an order, you can & must move forward in this continuance below; only once you’ve done so…


Hereinafter is the second portion of this part of the progress, which is itself a two part process. As you should now understand, there is no need for you to attempt to ascertain what meaning of “Confirmation” is meant. Rather, all that needs to be known is how to go about the continuation of this confirmation, which is but another piece of the progressive process you are partaking of.


Who you were was in opposition to progress; someone contrary to this process. The you who you were prior to your tagging, before your numerical renaming, was someone with hidden hatreds, forgotten faults, and weaknesses which you would only whisper of. That person was a detriment to your progress; an Ego-driven enigma is what that person was.

Below, you are to write a minimum of three paragraphs explaining all of the things which you wanted to change about that person whom you were unable to help. You are to tell of that individual, and state bluntly the reason why he couldn’t survive in the world even though the world is a chaotic, confused, conflicted, chasm just like himself…

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What you are now is something proper & inline with the direction of the present progression. You are something that is properly part of the progressive equation; you being a plus & a multiplier to the equation instead of a minus or a divide.

You are to write a minimum of three paragraphs in the area properly provided you below. You will be writing the perfect reasons as to why your place is proper and why your purpose is your progression along this path you are properly on. Why does your participation in this progressive projection push you forward while all those people are placid & planted?

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