Participant in the Backwards Blackmail Game* found here https://samanthasummersinstitute.org/ssi-extras/backwards-blackmail/

*This participant’s current game is a modified (customized) version of the Original. Do not expect your game to play in the fashion seen below.



TOTAL SPENT: $332.00

$20.00 of $440.00 Received this round.

3 of 22 Tasks Completed for this round.



0 of 20 Photos Removed

REMOVAL RULES: A photo must be fully paid off at $10 each and then the associated task must be competed, with posted proof, in order to be Removed.


(10 Sections)

SECTION #1: Task 3-C

Everything on this page concerns JASON WAYNE RICHARDSON of SOMERSET, UNITED KINGDOM.

SECTION #2: Task 3-B

In the previous Humiliation Checklist, Jason Richardson tried to get butt fucked like the faggot he is, but the guy couldn’t get hard enough to get it up there. Make of that what you will, lol.

SECTION #3: Task 3-A

The motels and hotels that you see Jason in are paid for by his employer. Boy would he be in trouble if his boss knew what he was doing on his company’s dime!

SECTION #4: Task 7-C

While be watched by Therapist Summers, Jason was once caught by Hotel security as he was wandering the halls naked!

SECTION #5: Task 7-B

Despite having a Girlfriend, Jason is a FAGGOT! He has admitted time & time again that HE LOVES COCK.

SECTION #6: Task 7-A

Despite looking like a bear, Jason is 100% a bottom bitch boy faggot. As you can see in the photos above, he’s been jerked off on and has been face fucked like a good submissive fag.

SECTION #7: Task 9-A

Jason loves hearing what people truly think about his disgusting ass! So give him a call at 07590917790 and tell him what a stupid faggot he is!

SECTION #8: Task 9-B

Can’t call the UK? Then just email the idiot at jasonrichardsonpersonal@gmail.com. Yup… that’s actually his personal email… not his secret fetish one. Lame… I know, lol. Fag Spam him all you want, haha.

SECTION #9: Task 9-C

What does Jason W. Richardson of Wellington, Somerset, U.K. do in his private time? He cams with other men and watches them masturbate. Yup… not gay at all. I think he has a Girlfriend just for a cover.

SECTION #10: Task 9-D

You can also find more of Jason Richardson at:

REMOVAL RULES: A Biography Section must be fully paid off at $10 each and then the associated task must be competed, with posted proof, in order to be Removed.




Task Set 1: Cock Sucking Tasks

TASK 1-A:  Suck a 5 inch cock

TASK 1-B:  Suck a 6 inch cock

TASK 1-C:  Suck a 7 inch cock

TASK 1-D:  Suck an 8 inch cock

Task Set 2: Ass Licking Tasks 

TASK 2-A:  Lick a man’s Ass

TASK 2-B:  Lick a man’s Ass Hole

TASK 2-C:  Have face sat on by man’s Ass

TASK 2-D:  Lick & Suck on the Ass Hair of a man

Task Set 3: Single Faggot Sex Tasks

TASK 3-A:  Get Face Fucked

TASK 3-B:  Get Butt Fucked doggy style

TASK 3-C:  Get Butt Fucked missionary style

Task Set 4: Suction Cup Toy Tasks†

†All Set 4 Tasks must be done either during the day or with the lights on at night.

TASK 4-A:  Fuck a Suction Cup Dildo against an open hotel window

TASK 4-B:  Fuck a Suction Cup Dildo against Driver’s Side window

TASK 4-C:  Fuck a Suction Cup Dildo against Front Home window (inside AND outside)

Task Set 5: Not-so-private Masturbation Tasks

TASK 5-A:  Masturbate facing open hotel window for 60 seconds

TASK 5-B:  Masturbate with back to open window for 90 seconds

TASK 5-C:  Masturbate with back to open hotel door for 120 seconds

TASK 5-D:  Masturbate in open front doorway outside of house (forwards & backwards)

TASK 5-E: Masturbate in open front doorway outside of house (forwards & backwards) x 2

Task Set 6: Unique Fetish Walking Tasks

TASK 6-A:  Walk down 3 hotel corridors dressed in thong, bra and nylons

TASK 6-B:  Throw car keys into wooded area & retrieve keys while bottomless

TASK 6-C:  Walk totally naked 100 feet down the street and back to house

TASK 6-D: Walk totally naked 200 feet down the street and back to house

Task Set 7: Condom Play Tasks 

TASK 7-A:  Inflate used condom and pop it on face

TASK 7-B:  Chew on a used condom and drain onto face

TASK 7-C:  Empty a used condom onto tongue and swallow

Task Set 8: Split Roasting Faggot Sex Tasks 

TASK 8-A:  Get butt fucked while getting face fucked on all fours

TASK 8-B:  Reverse cowgirl one cock while receiving facial from another


TASK 9-A:  Have man write “FAGGOT WHORE” on face

TASK 9-B:  Have man spit on face while being called “Faggot”

TASK 9-C:  Yell out “I’m such a cock loving faggot” while being Fucked

TASK 9-D:  Say “Please give me your delicious cum Sir” before getting a Facial

‡GENERAL REMOVAL RULE: No information or photos are to be removed until ALL tasks have been completed and proven via visual proof.

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