Participant in the Backwards Blackmail Game* found here https://samanthasummersinstitute.org/ssi-extras/backwards-blackmail/

*This participant's current game is a modified (customized) version of the Original. Do not expect your game to play in the fashion seen below.



†Round 1 had to be ceased prior to completion due to Serious Circumstances.

TOTAL SPENT: $332.00

$121.00 of N/A Received this round.

5 of 14 Tasks Completed for this round.


5 of 12 Photos Removed

REMOVAL RULES: A photo must be fully paid off at $10 each and then the associated task must be competed, with posted proof, in order to be Removed.


(100 Words - 2 Paragraphs of 50 Words Each)

REMOVAL RULES: A Paragraph must have all 50 words paid for at $1 per word and its associated task must be completed with posted proof in order to be removed.

PARAGRAPH 1: $20 of $50

TASK #16: Toss car keys into woods, strip naked, stick clothes through window, retrieve keys.

PARAGRAPH 2: $10 of $50

TASK #17: Staple sign to ass saying "I'm a Faggot" and stand backwards naked in Hotel Window.

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