Piety to Debauchery


The Scale of Your Sexual Deviance

While the term “Piety” often has a Religious association, this Psycho-Sexual Evaluation from the S.S.I. is not of a Religious or Theological nature. For the S.S.I.’s special examination on Religio-Sexuality, see https://samanthasummersinstitute.org/problematic-paraphilia/theophilophilic-therapy/. This unique test will gauge the ‘Dirty’ or ‘Clean’ extent of your Sexuality based on current Sociosexual norms (i.e. the Sexuality of Society). It will evaluate just how “Naughty” (or Debauched) your personal Sexuality is. Using a pool of 40 questions spanning a broad swath of Sexuality, each of your answers are assigned either a negative or positive value; negative for Dirtiness and positive for Piousness. Upon answering all of the questions, your score will be automatically tabulated, giving you a positive or negative score, from there you will be able to view which of the 6 categories of ‘Naughtiness’ your personal Sexuality falls. Each category also has an explanation of what that level of Dirtiness (or Cleanliness) means to your Sexuality as a whole. While submission is not required, you may send in your results for further analysis and discussion. In addition, following your completion of the examination, you will be able to select different answers in order to see how changes in your Sexuality would affect your scoring.

In order to participate in this unique evaluation and see where your Sexuality falls, you will need to click on the image below to purchase the password. Upon doing so you will be able to enter it in the field below.

Once you have obtained the password for this evaluation, you may enter it into the field below:

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Piety to Debauchery was last modified: May 3rd, 2018 by Therapist Summers
Piety to Debauchery was last modified: May 3rd, 2018 by Therapist Summers
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