Prostate Massager


Lelo LOKI Wave Prostate MassagerDarko, aka “Fag-n-Drag”, had been looking into ways to achieve a Prostate Stimulation Orgasm during his Sissification and Forced-Bi Humiliation for quite some time. He had tried conventional Dildos, Vibrators and Manual Prostate Stimulators, but to no avail. After doing some research, Darko decided to try the LOKI Wave™ by Lelo. Unlike Manual Stimulators, this Vibrating Prostate Massager also has a ‘Come Hither’ moving finger action (which you can see in the animation) which is designed for maximum stimulation of the Male G-Spot. You can find this product directly from the manufacturer’s website here: Darko kindly recorded his use of this unique Prostate Massager. Take a look at the one minute video below and SEE (and HEAR) for yourself whether or not he was a fan. :-)

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