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For Extreme SSI version, see:

For playing regular RTGame [No Personal Information], follow below rules… For setting up customized RTGame, chat with me on NiteFlirt or Call me via NiteFlirt. Setting up the RTGame via call will result in wave off of Initiation fee.

1. Send a Niteflirt Tribute mail with the exact below wordings.

2. On receipt of $10 tribute e-mail, within 24 hours, a counter will be mailed back along with Initiation fee [one if you accept counter and other to play with your original rules].

3. Needless to say, the initiation fee will be less in the counter.

4. The initiation fee for either counter or your offer will not be more than $30.

5. Any initial mail without the tribute of exactly $ 10 will be discarded.

6. Overall, there will be only two-email from you,

a. The initial mail in the below format along with $10 tribute.

b. A response to counter based on the instructions and the initiation fee along with it.

7. No bail-outs provision, you stay for the full duration and pay within an hour of game completion.

8. You will receive a NF e-mail with the twitter link as soon as the game starts.

8. Time of game start will be at the discretion of Therapist Samantha Summers, however, will be within 24 hours of reception of your second mail along with initiation fee.

9. Mailing rules

a. No deviation from the language of initial mail.

b. Must be a Niteflirt Tribute Mail

c. $ amounts in mail should be natural number multiple of $1

d. Time should be in hours

e. You can leave the twitter id as @LadySummersTSSP, if you do not wish me to tag you.

f. If you choose extension based on number of engagement as “Yes”, then, at the completion of set duration, the number of engagement to your tweet will be identified and exactly same number of minutes will be added for your tweet to stay.. **** DO NOT CHOOSE THIS IF YOU ARE RISK AVERSE****

Type of Mail: Tribute

To: Therapist Samantha Summers

Subject: RTGame – Regular

Payment Amount: $10

Dear Therapist,

I request you to organize a RTGame for me. I want to tribute you with my hard earned cash. I would be obliged if you accept my cash and allow the twitterati to drain me for your pleasure.

Comment – $ C

Retweet – $ R

Like – $ L

Time – h Hours

Extension based on number of engagement – Yes/No

Twitter ID – @LadySummersTSSP

I am attaching a tribute of $ 10 for your time to generate a counter offer and fees to initiate the game.

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