Self Cum Eating

While the sexual act of Cum-Consumption (a.k.a. “Cum Eating”) by someone-else (e.g. the Female Porn-Actress swallowing Men’s proverbial messes) is pretty popular throughout the Pornographic Scene, the Psychosexual Fetishism known as Self Cum-Eating is actually also quite a popular theme (or sub-Fetish) within many Sexualities. This is the sexual act with the Twist of where the person who ejaculates and the person who consumes the ejaculate are one & the same. See more now

Mind-Mod De-tour

Welcome to Lady Summers’ Mind-Modification De’Tour! Join us today on a Journey across the Fancifully Fertile Landscape of the Sexual Psyche… The segments of this Erotically Hypnotic trip are composed of Hypnotic MP3s, Interactive Tasks, Seductive Guidance, and other modulating-manners and modifying-methods. It is a Mind over Matter, yes; but more so as MY Mission over YOUR Mind. See more now