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$10.00 of $350.00 Received this round.


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Dennis von Eulenburg of Hannover, Germany has quite the naughty Secret!

Dennis, or more appropriately as Denise, has a double life as a Sissy Slut!

He, as you can see in all of those juicy photos above, loves dressing. Dennis not only dresses as a full fledged Sissy Maid, wearing French Uniforms and Lace Panties, he also dresses as a total Whore, wearing latex mini skirts and walking the streets. Dennis doesn't just wear feminine attire, he LOVES to SUCK COCK like a good Sissy Slut should. He also often plugs his sissy ass, waiting for the proper Master Cock to plug his man-pussy for Real. Dennis will very eagerly get down on his knees!

Dennis von Eulenburg works for DHL, but he instead desires packages to come his way!

Dennis not only knows how to look like such a Naughty little Girl, but also knows how to Suck a mean Cock! You know you want an anonymous slutty blowjob from this little bitch, and you can get in touch with Dennis through their Social Medias below:



Can you look at those photos above and tell me that Dennis von Eulenburg is not a good little Sissy? Can you say that if you saw Dennis walking down the street in that slutty mini skirt that you wouldn't be tempted?

I didn't think so!

So either let go of your inhibitions and beat off to this whorish little cheap trick, or get in touch with them today!

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  1. Texted you on twitter. I’m in USA but i see language barrier.

  2. Looking good girlfriend

  3. You’re fucking hot, man or not. You make one hell of a fuckable slut. If I were in germany, I’d pay you a visit. Hope to see more pics of you in that streetwalker look. Good beat off material here!

  4. What a brave,,,silly little sissy! Hopefully lots of his customers will invite him in for a quick blow!

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