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Unless you are someone with a certain sort of Medical-Fetish, engaging in my “Daily Dose” is the first time you’ll shove people aside to be the first in line for a shot! Yes, you know you want this shot! (Though whether or not you want it’s eggy-contents contents on your face (pun-blatantly-intended), or rather would bend over, is quite a different matter… yet, don’t think I’m implying this as being a ‘bi’-thing, as rather I am referencing the symbolic over-sized strapon syringe above, haha.)

The age-old Biblically-based saying goes…

Laughter is the best Medicine.

Laughter is the best Masturbation.While this maxim has its first-hand foundation firmly embedded in Fact, it has a ‘cascading‘ (second-hand / third-person) aspect to it which has gone quite unseen. That side of the saying, or rather this other aspect of the reality, being the benefit obtained from one person’s laughter at the expense of someone else. Now before you flutter around the room in some grandstanding objection, I freely acknowledge that the pleasures received by the so-called ‘Laugher‘ caused by a lesser proverbial ‘Laughee‘ has been noted time & time again by both Erotic Humiliatrixes and those who are Erotically Humiliated throughout the internet. When I say that this “other side” of the saying has been overlooked, it is not the former form of things in which I am making reference to. Rather, or ‘on the flip side‘ (per se), I am talking about the Medicinal Plus that the ‘Laughee’ receives from being Laughed-AT.

The Daily-Dose is part of my “TOUGH LOVE” Therapeutic Domination program, tailored for those dealing with the Eroticized emotion of Humiliation (i.e. Erotic-Humiliation).

DSM-XXX Fetish Manual by the Samantha Summers InstituteYour First-Dose of the Daily-Dose, deceptively nicknamed “Starting Solo“, may be accessed by clicking on the button below; only $5.99 (USD) via the payment system at Niteflirt®:

Therapist Summers’ Daily Dose #1

☞ Niteflirt Pay to View button for the Daily Dose 1

DETAILS OF DOSE-1: This immersive introductory indoctrination… whoops, I mean “introductory inoculation… includes a 6 minute explanatory Audio (.mp3) detailing your first set of instructions from the Nice Doctor; ‘yes’, this paraphilic-prescription requires you to do more than merely treat your penis as if it were the Heisman-Trophy in need of constant polishing. Now what those details are is something you’ll just have to discover within. However, being the “Nice Doctor”, I shall impart upon you a hint of what awaits you therein… It has SOME-THING, in SOME-MANNER, via SOME-FORM, per SOME-WAY to do with that “DSM-XXX” manual shown on this page. *wink*

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